30 Satisfying Petty Revenge Stories That You Will Definitely Use

What will you do if you discover your partner cheating on you? This is such a crazy situation that no one wants to be in. However, life is life. It always happens the way it wants. And you can't know what's going to happen to you. Come back to that question. Some people answer that they will break up with their partners. However, some claim breaking up is not enough, those bastards deserve more, satisfying petty revenge for example.
Despite the fact that an act of revenge is not always the best way to deal with a problem, it makes you feel better. Therefore, you can use it at times. But remember, just a little revenge if you don't want to feel regret about what you did. Below are some satisfying petty revenge stories we have collected for you. Scroll down to check them out. If someone has upset you then you can use one of them.
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#1. Haha

Petty Revenge StoriesSource: monschleichs

#2. Genius. It's about time people like this learn some manners

Petty Revenge StoriesSource: Charalanahzard

#3. This is brilliant!!

Best Revenge Stories, Petty Revenge StoriesSource: sageoftheend

#4. Wow

Best Revenge Stories That You Will Use, Petty Revenge StoriesSource: ArtIsMyPorn

#5. Someone at work kept stealing my sister's cherry cokes out the fridge

Best Revenge Stories, Petty Revenge StoriesSource: topherella

#6. To get revenge on a coworker, I dried out a pack of sharpies, and every time he leaves his out I swap it for an identical dead one

Best Revenge Stories, Petty Revenge StoriesSource: PoolSharkPete

#7. Sound funny

Petty Revenge StoriesSource: brown__hijabii

#8. Commitment

Satisfying Revenge Stories, Petty Revenge StoriesSource: broadwaysweetie

#9. Defund the fashion police!

Satisfying Revenge StoriesSource: roastmalone_

#10. Thwaites Brewery in England told workers it was cutting 60 staff. My dad's mates worked as electricians there and shorted the lights in retaliation...

Satisfying Revenge Stories, Petty Revenge StoriesSource: stiggle13

#11. So that's what millennials humor is like. Cool

Source: austinlockedup

#12. This was a gotcha

Source: imBrittJones

#13. That's completely fair

Petty Revenge StoriesSource: directormaxx

#14. Cries in inner child'

Petty Revenge StoriesSource: da_drought_3

#15. Some men just want to watch the world burn

Source: l10barge

#16. A Japanese woman discovered her boyfriend was cheating, So she gathered all his apple devices and dumped them into a tub full of water

Source: potetosarada000

#17. Good for you, bad for them. it’s perfect!

Source: sehnaoui

#18. This level of greatness

Source: kristen_arnett

#19. New marketing campaign: get two meals for the price of revenge

Satisfying Petty RevengeSource:

#20. Justice is served

Satisfying Petty RevengeSource: OctopussSevenTwo

#21. He on yo level of petty

Source: karlousm

#22. Days worth of dirty diapers for whoever keeps stealing packages off our porch

Funny Revenge StoriesSource: TheLastDeBarge

#23. Yesterday a mate of mines told the driver of the black corsa, not to park in the companies parking space, for the umpteenth time. he gave my mate attitude and ignorance. so my mate put scaffold up around his car

Source: Chris Luke

#24. My friend's girlfriend moved out and took everything, including the drawer handles

Funny Revenge StoriesSource: whatcanieattoday

#25. After years of this guy using my email as a spam account, I got my revenge. He signed my email. Up for SiriusXM which also gives me the ability to beep his horn

Satisfying Stories Of Petty Revenge Source: F3nman

#26. Ethan’s right

Satisfying Stories Of Petty Revenge Source: jojomarshalll

#27. This is just epic!

Satisfying Stories Of Petty Revenge Source: robwitts

#28. Excellent work *awards medal*

Satisfying Petty Revenge StoriesSource: Paul_Hawkins83

#29. That's just mean and petty

Satisfying Petty Revenge StoriesSource: MarketingBully_

#30. My two older children were trying to lay out all of their Pokémon cards, but the youngest kept intervening, so they duct-taped him to a chair

Satisfying Petty Revenge StoriesSource: [deleted]

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