30 Oddly Terrifying Pics That Make Us Cringe In Terror

Today, we’ll be heading to Reddit - a big online social media forum website where users constantly share news stories and various other types of content. If you are interested in things that are weird and oddly terrifying, there is a preferred corner with about 2.6 million people you should follow. It's the r/oddlyterrifying subreddit. As the name suggests, this online group is dedicated to "oddly terrifying things" that can haunt your dreams.
After a few minutes of browsing this subreddit, we have chosen some of the most terrifying pics for you. Take a minute to scroll down and check them out. For more weird and creepy photos of random objects, check out 20 Oddly Terrifying Pictures That'll Make You Shiver. We are sure that they will make you close your eyes and say, "That's enough for today."

#1. Mickey Mouse Club - 1930’s

Source: captainrustic

#2. This extremely disturbing face swap

Source: FlameHank

#3. Scallops have a lot of eyes (the blue dots)

Source: NoelaniSpell

#4. Rare cloud formation over New Hampshire

Source: Foureyedguy

#5. Found this in my apartment while living in Japan. They are FAST!

Source: Saucy_Lemur

#6. Legit scared me on my walk

Source: missmissie67

#7. This abandoned hospital had a visitor last night

Source: killHACKS

#8. Mahatma Gandhi's statue after some prankster added red lights to the eyes of it (San Francisco, 2019)

Source: Grimwolf-77

#9. There is a mutation in frogs where their eyes grow on the inside of their mouth

Source: Valentiniy0210

#10. Sears tower during a blackout

Source: bobolover90

#11. I don’t know why this scares me- die of thirst or get arrested by border control

Source: Aromatic-Client336

#12. The inside of a rotary kiln

Source: Thedepressionoftrees

#13. Woke up scared stiff last night when I noticed a Victorian ghost floating at the end of my bed. Took me a few minutes to realise it was my clothes on the door

Source: sesse301187

#14. Eye injury causes man's iris to collapse

Source: WhyIsLife12

#15. This mushroom scares me

Oddly Terrifying PicsSource: SirBallBag

#16. My daughter's bat morph suit

Oddly Terrifying PicsSource: mountainmorticia

#17. Last night I hear a tapping and snaps. looked at the window and..this is on the outside. not the inside.(I am in a two-story house, second floor. under the window is a roof above the front door)

Oddly Terrifying PicsSource: TalonsAndToast

#18. Night at a train station in Denmark

Oddly Terrifying PicsSource: wick29

#19. Found this in my girlfriend's loft. She only moved in 3 months ago and says she has never been up there. Guess what my name is...

Oddly Terrifying PicsSource: n515o

#20. This corridor, man… this is gonna haunt me on dreams

Oddly Terrifying PicsSource: EltioEmiGomez7u7

#21. Walking down an empty street in the middle of the night and you look up to see this

Oddly Terrifying PicsSource: Showen123

#22. Night-mare

Oddly Terrifying PicsSource: Aliquamin

#23. They are evolving

Oddly Terrifying PicsSource: BigBlackOnyx

#24. Lovely painting on the way to surgery at an eye clinic

Oddly Terrifying PicsSource: ManofSpelt

#25. This picture of a squirrel my mom sent me

Oddly Terrifying PicsSource: zodznn

#26. Fortune cookie

Oddly Terrifying PicsSource: beepboop-009

#27. Cosmoderus Femoralis An Armored Cricket Found In Cameroon

Oddly Terrifying PicsSource: Monsur_Ausuhnom

#28. A woman’s glove from the 1850s in London, used for self-defense

Oddly Terrifying PicsSource: JLaws23

#29. The absolute best cosplay

Oddly Terrifying PicsSource: submissiveallegiance

#30. Left my apartment at 11 pm and saw this light pillar

Oddly Terrifying PicsSource: Noodle_Men

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