30 'Not My Job' Moments When People Put In As Little Effort As Possible

Do you love your job? Not everyone can find a job that fits them well. Many people have to do the one that they don't like to earn money for paying rent and bills. More often than not, you will find them drained of energy and totally exhausted. They do the absolute bare minimum just in order to complete their work as soon as possible. In honor of the world's laziest workers, the “Not My Job” subreddit was created.
This online community is the home to nearly 1 million people who constantly dedicate their time to sharing funny pictures of 'not my job' moments, and they are so hilarious that they will make you laugh till your belly hurts. We have chosen some of the most amusing ones. Scroll down and take a look. If this list is not enough to crack you up, check out more 'not my job' moments from part one here.

#1. Camera hanged... boss

Source: xTCHx

#2. The maintenance closet door can be closed now (and as bonus you can still take the readings)

'Not My Job' MomentsSource: _lmonk

#3. Found a better name Boss!

Not My Job MomentsSource: tehcookiemano

#4. Oh no...

Source: ltc_gohman

#5. Working around the clock boss

Source: Simple-Break6219

#6. Got the water line done boss

Source: NoisilyCurly

#7. Delivered that package, boss

Source: fritzys_paradigm

#8. Did the tiles boss

Source: pm_your_boobiess

#9. Fan's installed, boss

Source: BumpyHands

#10. Installed the ventilation shaft, boss

Source: catburglarrr

#11. Packed the violin bow, boss

'Not My Job' MomentsSource: selective_mutist

#12. Shower vent installed, boss!

'Not My Job' MomentsSource: lixjl7

#13. Of course I measured where to drill the hole, boss!

Source: muczachan

#14. Put the price tags on, boss

Source: SaltOver9000

#15. Light-switch is installed and it fits perfect!

Source: acidmine

#16. Installed the sockets in the train wagon boss

Source: neliro

#17. We Now Have a PERMANTLY Installed Extension Cord

Source: Pan_Fried_Okra

#18. Installed Anti Theft tags on collectibles boss

'Not My Job' MomentsSource: charsie_godha

#19. Put the shirt on the mannequin Boss!

Not My Job MomentsSource: benkozich

#20. Installed the AC boss...

Not My Job MomentsSource: Vakho97

#21. Wrote the table of contents

Not My Job MomentsSource: Jonahwho665

#22. Cropped the picture boss

Not My Job MomentsSource: maltamur

#23. Installed the electrical conduit, boss!

Not My Job MomentsSource: glorious_cheese

#24. I fixed the clock, boss

Not My Job MomentsSource: PraxisLD

#25. Installed the new sign boss

Not My Job MomentsSource: TeamofGaryBreen

#26. Installed the air filter, boss

Not My Job MomentsSource: aswe11

#27. Installed the sink boss

Not My Job MomentsSource: GOOSE2801

#28. Water heater installed, boss

Not My Job MomentsSource:

#29. Installed the security camera like you asked, boss

Not My Job MomentsSource: Afrocrow

#30. Window installation in Indonesia

Not My Job MomentsSource:

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