23 "Not My Job" Moments When People Performed The Absolute Bare Minimum

Have you ever wanted to quit your job? Not only you but any of us have had that thought at least once. There are many reasons why a person wants to quit their job, from the entitled boss to the toxic working environment, low payment, or the low chance of promotion. While many just leave a 2-week announcement and look for a better job, others find it quite hard. Maybe they have bills to pay. Or maybe they are too old to start a new job. We don't know, but their "not my job" moments make us laugh. And they will make you laugh too.
We have collected 23 pictures that capture "not my job" moments when people perform the absolute bare minimum. These photos are so hilarious that they can make anyone laugh till their belly hurts. And they will satisfy any fragile souls. We gathered these pics after a bit diving into the “Not My Job” subreddit. Let's take a minute to scroll down and check them out now!!
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#1. Windows are done, boss

Source: Urubar34

#2. Words in here ghghg hg hgh ghg hgh ghg

Source: Dudeface34

#3. I displayed the children's clothing boss

Source: hanfinho123

#4. Extreme wheelchairing!

Source: OlivierDeCarglass

#5. The local laundromat bathroom

Source: aspiringmountainman

#6. Bikers are safe now boss

Source: wary-h

#7. Hung the photo, boss

Not My Job MomentsSource: manwithauniquemind

#8. All he wanted was a nice view and fresh air

Not My Job MomentsSource: Wombeard

#9. Fan's installed, boss

Source: kangcore

#10. Solar panels are set, boss

Not My Job MomentsSource: alechko

#11. Mommy help!

Not My Job MomentsSource: vikimal19

#12. Spotted in Target. Next level fashion

Not My Job MomentsSource: EkkoWan

#13. The weather graphic is ready, boss!

Not My Job MomentsSource: HembraunAirginator

#14. Can't blame him. Since he has the umbrella, he gets to decide who needs protection from sunlight!

Not My Job MomentsSource: _edogawa_

#15. Packaging done!

Not My Job MomentsSource: [deleted]

#16. Came to my office boss. That's all I had to do

Not My Job MomentsSource: [deleted]

#17. Fixed the dumb telephone pole, boss

Not My Job MomentsSource: Goto10

#18. Boss: "There's a dead bird in the lobby." Me: umm ok...

Not My Job MomentsSource: QueenPooper13

#19. I installed the air-conditioning, boss

Not My Job MomentsSource: DanKDogeYz

#20. Improvise...adapt...overcome...

Not My Job MomentsSource: bloop3338

#21. I fixed the clock, boss

Not My Job MomentsSource: PraxisLD

#22. Painted the road, boss

Not My Job MomentsSource: MarkoHighlander

#23. I put up the billboard up boss

Source: hashem51203

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