30 Hilariously Crappy Designs That Are Too Good At Being Bad

Every year, thousands of new products are launched into the market. Some are good and quite impressive. But some are just bad and ugly. If you frequently pay attention to everything around you, you must have spotted crappy designs because they exist everywhere. And if great designs deserve praise, hilariously crappy designs are likewise deserving of attention since they crack us up.
The subreddit r/CrappyDesign is a preferred corner with whoppingly 3.3 million members on the Internet. This online community is dedicated to sharing pictures of design fails. We have collected some hilariously crappy designs for you, and they will be worth your time, especially if you love poking fun at other people’s mistakes. Now, let's scroll down and take a look at these crappy designs from Reddit.

#1. A late night bathroom emergency may become a real trip to the emergency room

Hilariously Crappy DesignsSource: Curious_Bar348

#2. The sweater I bought cannot be maintained...

Hilariously Crappy DesignsSource: FuzzboarEKKO

#3. Happy New Year!

Source: crudolph0828

#4. Haha got your nose

Hilariously Crappy DesignsSource: da_real_kib

#5. Blehhh

Hilariously Crappy DesignsSource: bluecat81

#6. A bench that doesn't drain

Hilariously Crappy DesignsSource: crf865

#7. Where should I go?

Hilariously Crappy DesignsSource: MrPaintShooter

#8. The handle of this pan is heavier than the actual pan…

Hilariously Crappy DesignsSource: dingopringo93

#9. Arms (found on a cruise ship I was on last week)

Hilariously Crappy DesignsSource: Go_Crazyyy

#10. Sink in the toilets of a restaurant in Amsterdam. Seems it’s meant to look like that

Hilariously Crappy DesignsSource: ursulahx

#11. Horse with eyes on the front of its head

Hilariously Crappy DesignsSource: Better_Weakness7239

#12. My grandma bought a condo that was built in 2018, I just noticed this...

Hilariously Crappy DesignsSource: dbnrdaily

#13. My son who just started to read, “HELL BABY. HELL BABY. HELL BABY!!!”

Source: Hopeful_Relative_494

#14. Wheelchair friendly stairway

Source: casperfk

#15. Probably wouldn't be such a bad idea if every angle wasn't slightly off

Source: Any-Classic-5733

#16. This is just terrifying

Source: Pillagerkillager

#17. This bench area that floods when it rains

Source: Kronk_Live

#18. These super visible stairs

Source: Pretend_Air_1108

#19. It just looks like a toilet

Source: KahiaNyaaa

#20. This hotel room has the toilet seat right by the bed

Source: Dude_Iam_Batman

#21. An unusual look in New Zealand

Source: EndersGame_Reviewer

#22. Too bad there wasn’t an A already

Source: crudolph0828

#23. He’s at the 30! The 40! The 30! The 40!

Source: lobejks

#24. This map at a coffee shop

Source: Holzweg34

#25. Something is wrong with Pikachu

Source: The_Darksword

#26. Panasonic: Green = empty battery, Red = fully charged

Source: thethirdmantiger

#27. Mmm yes, I sure do love living in Tevas

Source: TheAverageYBAJoe

#28. This poor design on a real estate agent's building

Source: wanderingbrother

#29. Toilets for disabled people are located upstairs in a restaurant in Stockholm

Source: momo_power

#30. Tie dye socks that look like someone used them as toilet paper

Source: Professional_Lunch43

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