30 Genius Product Design Ideas That'll Definitely Take Money Out Of Your Wallet

It's not easy to earn money. Therefore, we must use them effectively. To make sure that we will not get disappointed after purchasing something, we have to think twice and reconsider many factors to come up with the final decision. Many factors influence customers’ buying decisions: including the price of the product, the familiar brand, the products that are being advertised by influencers, the average star rating from other customers, etc. However, once customers see these genius product design ideas, they will definitely pay for them without any hesitation.
Are you curious to see what are they? Scroll down below to check out 30 genius product design ideas that'll definitely take money out of your wallet. Don't forget to vote for the products that impress you the most.

#1. These winter boots have a flip-down ice cleat in the heel to help with walking on icy surfaces

Source: TheRealJasonium

#2. My dogs tore apart a cactus toy, to reveal another, sad cactus toy

Source: SilverTigerstripes

#3. The logo on my umbrella only shows up when wet

Source: jaegee0000

#4. My shirt has a microfiber sewn on the inside to clean glasses

Source: benjaminrodtx

#5. My husband ordered a used laptop and it was arrived completely packed in little paper cranes

Source: kamarsh79

#6. My new dress came with a napkin, apparently!

Source: ENFJPLinguaphile

#7. My cappuccino came with a tiny ice cream

Source: SwissJAmes

#8. This painting I bought at the zoo came with a picture of the meerkat family who painted it

Source: PreoccupiedDuck

#9. My bra came with an info tag on checking yourself for breast cancer

Source: BaconOfTroy

#10. My spatula has a little stand so it doesn’t touch the counter

Source: dgroove8

#11. The box that my grill came in can be inverted to make a playhouse for a toddler

Source: reddit

#12. Diploma came with a wallet sized version

Source: BearLifts93

#13. The book my SO purchased came with a bookmark that listed the character’s names and their roles

Source: koshkapianino

#14. This hot water heater has a pie warmer

Genius Product Design IdeasSource: Hustler_Kamikaze

#15. This message stamped on the squeaker inside the stuffed animal my dog just destroyed

Genius Product Design IdeasSource: chakalakasp

#16. My hair dye came with little gloves to cover my glasses!

Genius Product Design IdeasSource: ohkatiep

#17. First CD I bought in 15 years. Came with a cardboard gramophone. It works

Genius Product Design IdeasSource: GhostalMedia

#18. Amazon purchase came with a personal note and some Russian coins

Genius Product Design IdeasSource: N000ICE

#19. My toilet paper came with a to-go roll in the middle

Genius Product Design IdeasSource: reddit

#20. This yogurt lid can be folded into a little spoon

Genius Product Design IdeasSource: reddit

#21. The inside of the pizza box was a tuxedo

Genius Product Design IdeasSource: pwenski

#22. The wine I ordered online came with a tiny set of dice packaged inside a hollow cork

Genius Product Design IdeasSource: Calliope719

#23. I bought a pack of cigarettes and they came with a postage-paid recycling pouch

Genius Product Design IdeasSource: p4d4

#24. The microwave came with an optional braille cover

Genius Product Design IdeasSource: -TUX-

#25. My raincoat reveals a floral pattern when wet

Genius Product Design IdeasSource: trashyfictions

#26. My spoon carving kit came with bandaids

Genius Product Design IdeasSource: theacropanda

#27. My bottle of Canadian whisky came with free public transportation

Genius Product Design IdeasSource: reddit

#28. My new frying pan came with a plantable seed tag

Genius Product Design IdeasSource: coogiwaves

#29. My new set of sheets came with a handy little pocket

Genius Product Design IdeasSource: ThePlayfulPython

#30. My backpack's front buckle has a built-in whistle

Genius Product Design IdeasSource: skabanos

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