30 Cursed Gaming Setups That'll Enrage Your Inner Gamer

Are you a gamer?? If you are an avid gamer, you may dream of having a perfect gaming setup. Regardless of whether you are a professional or recreational player, a perfect gaming setup may significantly boost your mood when playing games. Setting up a gaming area costs quite a lot of money, and not everyone can afford it. Therefore, some people came up with DIY gaming setup ideas, some of which are just cursed.
The Gaming Setups With Threatening Auras Facebook group, home to nearly 150K members, is dedicated to sharing the most hilariously threatening gaming setups. We have chosen some cursed gaming setups from this group, and they give out chaotic energy. Scroll down to check them out for yourself. Don't forget to vote for the funniest and weirdest setups.

#1. The definitions of “open world” have been updated

Source: Sean Kernighan

#2. Nooo

Source: Ben Batch

#3. Dance!

Source: Kay Beeler

#4. Noice

Source: Steve Robert

#5. Very swag

Source: Thomas Littleton

#6. Finally got my dream setup

Source: Austen Knepper

#7. It's amazing how little it takes for a man to be happy

Source: Adam Pecchia

#8. They all like it's nice TOE meet you

Source: Brandon Rose

#9. This was his dream all along

Source: ZH ES

#10. That's a lot of coffee mate

Source: Ant Ant

#11. This is actually for sale in my area

Source: Ryan Ivankovic

#12. F

Source: Jakob Marstrand

#13. Gaming chair DX9 pro

Source: Toby Anderson-Grant

#14. I think I need a bigger table

Source: エリヤ ミケルソン

#15. When mom tells you to play outside

Source: Goha Dune

#16. World of Warcraft at EverLAN 2005

Source: James Peters

#17. *Cat : I know you loose, but i still blame you for that....

Cursed Gaming SetupsSource: Goha Dune

#18. Same S**t, different year...

Cursed Gaming SetupsSource: Cameron Palleson

#19. Came across this while scrolling through Facebook. R.I.P. Airflow

Cursed Gaming SetupsSource: Richard Weiland

#20. Well it doesn’t look to real

Cursed Gaming SetupsSource: Mike Adams

#21. This is amazing

Cursed Gaming SetupsSource: Jikoy Sia

#22. Power move

Cursed Gaming SetupsSource: Emily Mason

#23. Women hate how little it takes for men to be happy

Cursed Gaming SetupsSource: Caleb Firman

#24. That keyboard cant be ergonomic

Cursed Gaming SetupsSource: Camille Tnz

#25. Found in the wild. I love the cable management. It’s next level

Cursed Gaming SetupsSource: Chase Keeler

#26. Cats love warm spots

Cursed Gaming SetupsSource: Josh Hepi

#27. I hope my shelf holds. Garage to kitchen setup

Cursed Gaming SetupsSource: Zack Reed

#28. Moments before “The Incident”

Cursed Gaming SetupsSource: Karl Green

#29. This picture got everything

Cursed Gaming SetupsSource: Vespasia Ariadne Alianora

#30. I think Antman did this

Cursed Gaming SetupsSource: Arsyie Herbudi

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