30 Kids Who Are Definitely The Masters Of Hide And Seek

Do you love playing hide-and-seek? And have you ever played this game with kids before? If you haven't played yet, you should because it is a really fun and interesting experience. Why do we say that? You will find the answer to this question after reading this article. In this article, we will share with you 30 pictures that capture the funny moments when adults played hide-and-seek with their kids and found that kids were definitely the masters of hide-and-seek.
Now, let's scroll down and check out 30 pictures of kids who haven’t quite grasped hide and seek. And if you can't find any kids in this post, it's because they have a genius-level hiding tactic. Haha. These pictures are from the r/KidsAreF*ckingStupid subreddit dedicated to sharing the funniest and dumbest moments of kids. Therefore, whenever you are in the mood for funny pics, go to this online community to enjoy a good laugh.

#1. Hide and seek in my son’s hospital room

Source: thenewguy89

#2. My son is awesome at hide and seek

Source: smarmiebastard

#3. My son's idea of Hide-n-Seek. See if you can find him in these photos

Source: WolfPhoenix

#4. My son playing hide-and-go-seek

Source: JonGilbony

#5. UPDATE: my daughter’s hide and seek spots are…improving?

Source: cewallace9

#6. Saw the last kiddo hiding and I raise you my daughter in super stealth mode

Source: [deleted]

#7. Hide and seek with my nephew

Source: OrcvilleRedenbacher

#8. My little cousin in his hiding spot for "hide and seek"...

Source: sapphirestar411

#9. My son playing hide and seek

Source: TopLineFounder

#10. Hide and seek

Source: buddha2490

#11. We’re playing hide n’ seek

Source: SubliminalScream

#12. My kid asked me to play hide and seek with her. I of course obliged. This is her genius-level hiding tactic. The cat bed

Source: sejotas

#13. My 3-year-old nephew found the best hind-and-seek spot LOL!

Source: InfamousGrass0

#14. My daughters hiding spot. She’s got a bright future

Source: expectopatronumdmb41

#15. My girlfriend's nephew playing hide and seek. He’s a tree

Source: Satchmocoltrane

#16. Our niece and nephew were being very annoying at dinner, so my brother suggested a game of ‘hide-and-hide’. Whoever hides the longest wins. This is my niece about 20 minutes in...

Source: bow2yrsensei

#17. This Hide and Seek champion had me count right next to him 4 times to find him in the same lidless tub

Source: roamingdakota

#18. Hide and seek

Source: digdilem

#19. My nephew playing hide and seek

Source: JeffZorzz

#20. Hide and seek

Source: MoTown83

#21. Papa, I’ll hide, you seek

Source: sanwahi

#22. If you look closely, you can see my son hiding from me

Source: tardis15

#23. We're playing hide and seek, I don't know if there is any hope for this one

Source: wcslater

#24. My 2-year old is a beast when we're playing hide and seek

Source: GabbesCongas

#25. My kid playing hide and seek. Still can't find him

Source: Paulthefool

#26. This is my daughter playing Hide and Seek

Source: dovahgalaxy

#27. Kid was playing hide and seek. This was her hiding spot

Source: Liteboyy

#28. My sons latest attempt at “hide and seek”

Source: smazarpay

#29. My son legitimately thought I wouldn't find him

Source: Chris14253

#30. Hide and Seek Champion 2019

Source: EticketJedi

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