30 Anxiety-Inducing Photos That Will Make Your Hands Sweaty

Are you in the mood for something strong, watching anxiety-inducing photos - for example? If yes, this article is right for you. We have compiled a list of 30 stressful tense photos that will make your hands sweaty and you will sincerely hope for happy endings for folks in these pics. These photos range from eye views down from very high places to shoes that got swallowed by the escalators. Take a minute to scroll down and check them out for yourself.
These pictures are from an interesting online group called the r/SweatyPalms. This subreddit is dedicated to sharing videos and images that make your palms sweat. Thus, if this list is not enough for you or you have any photos that can make anyone anxious, just go to this group. There are around 2.1 million people who share your interest.

#1. Some final destinations don't go well

Source: PxN13

#2. A gentle reminder to secure your carabiners when paragliding, or just whenever


#3. Afternoon nap on Pedra da Gávea, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Source: Earthpix

#4. Hell no

Source: RicePaddyFarmer69

#5. Photographing my friend in an abandoned theme park

Source: Driftershoots

#6. A daring flying kick at Lion's Head, Cape Town, South Africa

Source: Valefox

#7. One mistake and it's over


#8. Cop hanging out over Times Square. This is no place for sweaty palms

Source: _FridayXIII_

#9. Ummm


#10. That’s quite the squad hang out

Source: 3holder

#11. When your realtor may have overstated the "minimalist balcony" feature

Source: TheAdAgency

#12. I’ve been told by employers that my current LinkedIn photo makes them nervous

Source: BigHeart_BiggerDick

#13. Charles Clyde Ebbets was the famous photographer for “Lunch Atop A Skyscraper” in 1930

Source: preetygyal8

#14. Bad day ever


#15. Getting up on the wrong side of the bed is not an option

Anxiety-Inducing PhotosSource: K1nsey6

#16. Graffiti Artists On 430ft Bridge

Anxiety-Inducing PhotosSource: Ethangains07

#17. Saw a Bentley parked like this in Zurich and it immediately gave me anxiety

Anxiety-Inducing PhotosSource: SucculentlySuccinct

#18. Extreme camping

Anxiety-Inducing PhotosSource: pang-zorgon

#19. In 1990, an accident caused a British Airways captain to be sucked halfway out of the cockpit. The crew held onto him for 20 minutes as the copilot made an emergency landing. The pilot survived and made a full recovery

Anxiety-Inducing PhotosSource: PeterPorky

#20. Diver sitting on the edge of underwater sea cliff

Anxiety-Inducing PhotosSource: UchihaLegolas

#21. That's kinda high

Anxiety-Inducing PhotosSource: ImATeletubbie

#22. Active volcano looks like damned souls being dragged to the depths of hell

Source: seshelton

#23. Talk about sweaty palms. Astronaut Bruce McCandless taking the first untethered space walk

Anxiety-Inducing PhotosSource: Grykllx

#24. This hurts to look at

Anxiety-Inducing PhotosSource: ImTropixz

#25. Climbing the Hua Shan, China. The old path

Anxiety-Inducing PhotosSource: mikihak

#26. The cullet (waste) dumpster at work. It always looks beautiful, but I have a fear of jumping or falling into it

Anxiety-Inducing PhotosSource: Micklikesmonkeys

#27. OMG

Anxiety-Inducing PhotosSource: DirtRacing

#28. Looking down a long shaft…

Anxiety-Inducing PhotosSource: andvalanzzz

#29. Safety standards in the 1960's

Anxiety-Inducing PhotosSource: Muflon_04

#30. I am a security guard at my university. In the Nursing Building there are human dummies with simulated insides. I have to clear and close the building at night

Anxiety-Inducing PhotosSource: UpsideDownAirplane

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