Hair-Raising Pics Able To Make Your Hands Sweaty

You know the feeling. You stop dead in your tracks, and your hands start sweating uncontrollably whenever you see something truly terrifying. During a pleasant, innocent nature stroll, at work, or maybe even in the comfort of your own home, it typically occurs when you least expect it. But we were unaware that merely gazing at a photograph may elicit the same emotions. Intrigued? Continue scrolling to see some of the unsettling and hair-raising images on the internet!

#1. Hold on Tight!

Source: Wikimedia Commons

#2. They’re Hanging On by a Thread... Literally

Source: BlatternMann

#3. There's Something Strange About This Tea

Source: Cursed Food

#4. When Your Dress Gets Caught in the Escalator

Source: Larinha_Rainha

#5. Mind the Drain Cover

Source: ThePakin27

#6. Watch Your Step

Source: Imgur

#7. One mistake and it's over

Source: Imgur

#8. Try Not To Spill The Soda

Source: Imgur

#9. Unwanted House Guests Are the Worst

Source: Imgur

#10. Does this image do anything to your heart rate?

Source: JonnyBWilliams

#11. Don't Let It Drop

Source: Spiceworks

#12. How nervous does this hotel room make you?

Source: HarambeSalamii

#13. Breakfast Tastes Sharp

Source: Reddit

#14. Why Couldn't They Just Roll Their Sleeves up?!

Source: The fashionball

#15. Just...just look at this table. 'Cause I kind of can't.

Source: Grantscheam

#16. This is sort of why I'm skeptical of teamwork:

Source: Imgur

#17. And I'm almost positive I've seen this in my nightmares:

Source: georgedeslandes

#18. This is the clearest sign from God I've ever seen to take the stairs:

Source: Imgur

#19. The way my girlfriend places her laptop

Source: darryljenks

#20. Why does this make me feel that scary, subconscious impulse to jump in?

Source: mike_pants

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