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  1. Top Of The Worst Wedding Cakes That People Have Ever Seen

20 Of The Worst Wedding Cakes That People Have Ever Seen

In the post today, we’ve rounded up some of the worst wedding cake people got in their own wedding or came across in other people’s ones. Some of these are truly ridiculous with confusing and silly decorations. Have you ever seen a toilet paper wedding cake? Check the collection below and you will see many cake disasters that make you laugh out loud.
Wedding is one of the most important days of one’s life so you want it to be as perfect as possible, of course. Besides some main things such as the venue, the decorations, the bride’s make-up, food and drink and music, the wedding cake is also an indispensable part contributing to the perfection of the wedding. So it’s literally necessary to have a fancy cake that gives the guests a good impression as something amazing and unforgettable. But one unhappy thing is that not every couple is lucky enough to get a flawless wedding cake as their desire. Occasionally the cakes even turn out so awful and somehow look hilarious.

Top Of The Worst Wedding Cakes That People Have Ever Seen

#1. "Wedding Cake"

worst wedding cakeImage source: ulysses_mcgill

#2. Please, Who Did This???

worst wedding cakeImage source: Unknown


worst wedding cakesImage source: Unik0rn

#4. "And There She Is. Don’t You Just Love How Different She Is? Edible Sugar Oysters"

Image source: SweetArt

#5. I Like Yellow, But This...

crazy wedding cakes picturesImage source: Unknown

#6. Cake Baker Probably Didn’t See The Bride Before Making The Cake

fun wedding cakeImage source: Unknown

#7. This Peacock Cake

funny grooms cake ideasImage source: Annette Davis Hill

#8. "What I Ordered vs. What Was Delivered. I Paid $135 For This Mess"

worst wedding cakeImage source: JalapenoLife

#9. No. It's Not Like A Sand Castle, Really

worst wedding cakeImage source:

#10. "A Bakery In East Earl, PA., Crafted A Life-Size, Deer-Shaped Wedding Cake"

worst wedding cakeImage source: Shady Maple Farm Market

#11. "The Baker Wouldn’t Send Us A Picture Of The Cake Topper Until The Day Of The Wedding… We Soon Found Out Why"

worst weddingImage source: Zsuzsifer

#12. I Turned Out To Be A Pregnant Sumo Wrestler"

Wedding CakesImage source: plutchina

#13. “Weeding”

WeedingImage source: Unknown

#14. "Groom’s Cake Disaster. What We Wanted vs. What We Got"

Image source: bananaloutay

#15. "My Wife And I Eloped During Quarantine. We Decided To Have A Hamburger Wedding Cake To Celebrate"

Image source: forgotten_weasley

#16. "The One That Assembled This Cake, Read The Instructions Wrong"

Image source: Unknown

#17. "The “Gold” Cake At My Sister’s Wedding Last Night"

The “Gold” Cake At My Sister’s Wedding Last NightImage source: wflancaster19

#18. "Cake At The Wedding I Attended This Weekend"

Cake At The Wedding I Attended This WeekendImage source: blazze_eternal

#19. "Who Doesn’t Love Cake? Specially One For That Wedding During The Coronavirus Outbreak – Tpcake"

Image source: LaMerMerci

#20. "Spot On Cake At The Wedding I Was At Today"

worst wedding cakeImage source: Keithsheath

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