17 People Whose Valiant Efforts Ended Surprisingly Badly

Some say that as long as you have the motivation and strive to do something, you'll eventually make it. Sounds convincing and inspiring, right? Of course, the effort you put into action will surely change the outcome. But, that works only when you have a suitable approach to the issue.
Sometimes people make a valiant effort to do something but it doesn't go as they planned. We cannot say it's a failure, but it's not a success, either. Anyway, their methods seem to be a little off track and therefore the results cannot be like their expectation. There was an attempt, it didn't work, and it turned out to be so funny to others people. Check out the list below and see how valiant efforts of people end with zero points of success. Feel sorry for them but they really make us laugh.

#1. Attempting To Be A Good Person

Image source: SensitiveEye7

#2. Attempting To Get A Secret Mother's Day Present

Image source: bwecht

#3. Attempt At A Halloween Costume

Image source: dankvaperman

#4. Attempt At An Asian Tattoo

Image source: AYO_nonymous

#5. Attempt At Facial Recognition

Image source: bjmay

#6. Attempting To Find Treasure


#7. Attempt At Hostile Architecture

Image source: ultimate_prize

#8. Attempting To Start A Chain

Image source: Nisoe

#9. Attempting To Be Deep

Image source: Kingoctopus800

#10. Attempting To Discredit Alternative Energy

Image source: TheSpaceGal

#11. Attempting To Eat A Mozzarella Stick

Image source: Cheesecakesimulator

#12. Attempting To Fight Crime

Image source: international

#13. Attempting To Ground A Kid

Image source: 17EAndersen

#14. Attempting To Hire A New Female CEO

Image source: SayLittleDoMuch

#15. Attempting To Ridicule The British

Image source: papimorte

#16. Attempt At A Self Esteem Boost

Image source: yuri__bot

#17. Attempting A Miracle

Image source: aSciEnthusiast

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