These 18 Plot Twists Will Make You Feel Lucky Because That Wasn't You

Misfortunes come in all sizes and shapes, and they can be as unexpected as getting hit by a meteorite. Some of these occasions have a casual beginning like an average daily life story, and then the plot twist comes at the most unexpected moment. Well, nobody can be prepared for such situations.
Mistakes are made when you're unaware of them, and some of them even turn out to be so hilarious and embarrassing. The moment you come to realize your misfortunes, it's already too late. Actually, you've never expected things would happen that way. So, it's just plain bad. The pictures below are fine examples of such situations. You'll be glad that you weren't the person in these photos. Now, scroll down and check them out.

#1. Ran Over A Shuriken?

Image source: blackjacketset

#2. Windows Down

Image source: Dixo0118

#3. Close To Transportation

Image source: ReaganAbe

#4. Off-Roading

Image source: glueall215

#5. No More Washing Dishes

Image source: bbc**td**k

#6. Save The Watermelon At All Costs

Image source: SluggishStudent

#7. Great Filing System

Image source: almeldin

#8. Filtration Is Key

Image source: skydra28

#9. Fire? Ope, Never Mind...

Image source: 5_Frog_Margin

#10. * Velma Every Morning At 7:32 AM

Image source: longd*ngwitch

#11. Fried Chicken... Raw

Image source: dymbrulee

#12. Could've Had A V8

Image source: pabbit41

#13. Ruff Day

Image source: Sorrymateay

#14. Tasty

Image source: NighthawkE3

#15. Whelp...

Image source: Kyanita

#16. Did You Turn The AC Up Again?

Image source: bath-tub

#17. Blame The Fork

Image source: lawble

#18. It's Just A Little Seasoning

Image source: probnotbob

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