Owners Put Message In Bottle Tied To Shepherd Dog's Neck, Then The Dog Found New Home

There are some reasons behind dog owners send their adorable furry friends away. Some no longer can afford their dog a home as they're struggling with their life, too. They hope some kind people out there can adopt their pet and give it a new home. This is also what happens with this German and Australian shepherd mix named Roadie. She was found left abandoned with a heart-breaking message in a bottle tied to her neck. Keep scrolling!

Roadie was found tied to a tree with a plastic bottle on her collar. When coming closer to the beautiful dog, the animal shelter workers saw a message put inside the bottle. It turned out a heartbreaking one. It said that Roadie’s “dad lost his job and his home from covid”, written in the first person.

The message also said that the beautiful Roadie is a dog full of energy. She used to love food, her own couch, and a foam bed. These things could always make her day!

Michael Delp, director of the Johnson County shelter, Indiana said that the message touched him. “One, if it is legit, my heart goes out to that individual. If it was not legit, [I felt] anger that someone would manufacture an excuse to abandon their dog that was designed to elicit sympathy,” he told the press.

The good girl deserves to have a happy family. Luckily, Roadie has been rescued by the Johnson County animal shelter.
But it's worth mentioning that Roadie could have faced some danger when tied to a tree. Struck by a vehicle, or attacked by wolves or coyotes. Her owners should have called the shelter. Luckily nothing bad happened to the dog.

Some say that they’re happy the dog found a happy home but they don’t feel sympathy for her owners. They didn’t surrender her or find her a home. They dumped her somewhere and left some message. They left the dog to fend for themselves was awful.

Luckily, Roadie is now adopted by Jeremy Pell, the chief of the White River Township Fire Department. He sees Roadie's potency of becoming a search and rescue dog. Hope that the beautiful dog fits in the new home and enjoys living here.
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