27 Brilliant Parenting Hacks That'll Make You Think "Why Haven’t I Tried That Already"

Parenting is an awarding experience full of laughter. Because kids are adorable and pure, they never fail to make their parents burst out laughing. However, it's also stressful. From sleepless nights to seemingly never-ending cries from kids, those difficulties have left many parents drained of energy. If you are a mom or a dad and you are looking for simple yet effective parenting tips to ease your parenting journey, you've come to the right place. We have compiled a list of funny and brilliant parenting hacks that have been applied by other parents around the world.
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#1. No More Car Fighting

Source: Jake White

#2. When Giving Meds, Write Out All The Planned Dosages On The Bottle Before Starting, Then, As Each One Is Given, Mark It Off. This Eliminates Any Issues That Might Arise From Sleep-Deprived Forgetfulness

Source: alanacvalentine

#3. Metal Dad Lvl 80

Source: Decestor

#4. Parenting Win Level 100!

Source: anniemccarren

#5. Me As A Parent


#6. Never Thought I Would Find A Legitimate Use For The Fake Practice Hand I Had From Cosmetology School Years Ago Until The Day My Infant Son Got Sick And Refused To Sleep Unless He Was Holding My Finger

Source: DIY_Cosmetics

#7. Use A Tent To Make A Sandpit. You Will Be Able To Close It During The Night To Keep The Cats Out

Source: The Goonberry Tales

#8. Making Tea And Warming Up Milk At The Same Time

Source: valentine_francois

#9. Parenting Hack: Carry An ‘Out Of Order’ Sign In Your Wallet At All Times In Case You Encounter An Unexpected Delay Machine

Source: ShootTheSound

#10. How To Easily Teach Multiplication Tables

Source: 1ItalianLurker

#11. Although We Tell Our Daughter To Not Run Into Parking Lots, It Doesn'T Mean She Isn'T Going To Listen! So I Bought This Car Magnet From Parkingpalmagnet And It Has Been A Miracle Worker.

Source: raleighmomscare

She loves keeping her hand on the bright colors while waiting for mom and will try so hard to match her fingers to the magnet's!

#12. I Took A Rectangle-Shaped Tupperware And We Made 'Snow Blocks' For An 'Igloo'. My Boys Absolutely Loved It

Source: michelle_ssb1

#13. Use Bottle Nipple As Medicine Dispenser


#14. This Is Hilarious!!

Source: _ElamigoJr

#15. In Need Of A Little Bit Of Hands Free Time? Place Your Baby In Front Of The Washing Machine For A Whole New World Of Entertainment

Source: smartytots

#16. No Bathtub? Here's The Solution: Baby Pool In The Shower Cabin

Source: fjordliebe

#17. Daughter Wants To Work In The Garage With Dad. Needs Hair Pulled Back. Dad Hack 101

Source: Pyrojodge

#18. My Toddler Was Busy For Over 30 Minutes Playing With These Window Stickers On The Plane. Easy To Pack, Fun For Them, And Cheap!

Brilliant Parenting HacksSource: teachermama1138

#19. Pretty Clever

Brilliant Parenting HacksSource: ladbabyofficial

#20. Parenting At Its Finest

Brilliant Parenting HacksSource: Flabberingfrog

#21. To Avoid Perpetuating Gender Stereotypes, I Gave My Daughter A Mix Of Dolls And Toy Cars To Play With. This Is What Happened

Brilliant Parenting HacksSource: ju2tin

#22. Keep A Cheap Potty Chair In Your Car Along With A Few Diapers. If Your Child Needs To Go To The Bathroom When There Isn’t One, Open A Diaper And Put It In The Bottom Of The Potty Chair. When He Is Done, Wrap Up The Diaper And Done. No Mess

Brilliant Parenting HacksSource:

#23. Baby Shower Cap

Brilliant Parenting HacksSource:

#24. Use Shopping Cart Restraints To Secure Your Toddler'S Sippy Cup

Brilliant Parenting HacksSource: somemotherstuff

#25. Inventive Dad Of The Day

Brilliant Parenting HacksSource: malleeman

#26. Knit A Childproof Door Knob Cover To Avoid Getting Locked Out Or To Keep Children Away Of Entering Certain Rooms

Brilliant Parenting HacksSource: thislovelylife-blog

#27. Put Masking Tape On A Carpet For Your Kid To Play With Toy Cars

Brilliant Parenting HacksSource: tmccrum_mua

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