23 Handy Parenting Hacks That Every Parent Would Love To Know

Nowadays, despite all of the parenting books and coaching sessions available, parenting is still a difficult job. From dealing with the kids' schoolwork and activities to cooking and cleaning the house, these tasks can overwhelm you and stress you out. Luckily, that's when parenting hacks come to the rescue!
Unlike what you've read in manuals or learned in coaching sessions, these parenting hacks are simple yet effective. "How so?" you might ask. Well, because they were invented by parents to make their lives easier. They used these hacks because they worked. Therefore, they want to share them with other parents all over the world.
So, after scouring the Internet, we've put together a list of 23 parenting hacks that will save you time and stress. Some of these are hilarious; some may even sound "stupid." But hey, they wouldn't be stupid if they worked! Without any further ado, let's scroll down and check them out!

#1. Keep your toddler safe in the grocery cart seat (and prevent abductions) with a carabiner.

Source: 5_Frog_Margin

#2. "They would all scream for food at once so the best thing I came up with was to do 3 bottles simultaneously"

Source: Wabbastang

#3. My kids were always complaining about getting the heel of a bread loaf, so I started flipping it over and putting the end side down so they wouldn’t know.

Source: nday79

#4. Swing string

Source: Reddit

#5. Ap-parent life hack

Source: h0ld_my_beer

#6. "Saw this recently, I'll have to try it"

Source: goodlyearth

#7. And... no more car fighting

Source: Jake White

#8. Keep your toddler busy by letting them paint the fence with water

Source: macshona

#9. Bean-filled glove: for when you want your kids to feel loved, but you're too tired

Source: FreddyJackson69

#10. "It's all fun and games until your kid has the strength of a man at 3 years old"

Source: Listerin35

#11. When you can't find your stuff, just make a hunting game for your kid to help you

Source: ruby1508

#12. Give them controllers that are not plugged in and play like this for hours

Source: somecallmemike

#13. Make a chart on the prescription bottle to track when you give your kids their medicine

Source: babytree

#14. Works well with indoor lighting too

Source: justpuneet

#15. Turning chores into fun games

Source: justrealmoms

#16. You’re welcome parents!

Source: vanfullamidgets

#17. Instead of waiting at the drive-through every day to buy hash browns for his daughter, this dad saves the wrappers and cooks frozen ones from ALDI before they leave:

Source: Bobbaman77

#18. How to get your kid to take medicine

Source: tht1d00d

#19. Use a fan to inflate your children’s bed fort

Source: Pinterest

#20. Is your child afraid of monsters? If so, then you need Monster Spray!!

Source: karacreates

#21. Easy wrap hammock for your little one

Source: joyfulabode

#22. Keep baby still during a photoshoot by being a prop

Source: Unknown

#23. Turn any poke-able cup lid into a drip catcher

Source: justrealmoms

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