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22 Confusing Posts That Will Make You Cry And Laugh At The Same Time

Keep in mind that always stay positive. Life is not sunshine and rainbow every day. It can be a thunderstorm at times, and we need to be prepared. Never run away from the struggles in life; learn to embrace them. Although it can be sad, it’ll make you a better version of yourself.

Actually, sometimes we can find sadness mixes with humor in certain situations. It’s like you unexpectedly find a Snicker bar in the drawer; you’re so excited to open it but then what you see on the inside is depressing nougat. It’s just sad but funny at the same time. And this is what the subreddit r/funnyandsad is all about. We have selected some of the saddest funniest posts from the subreddit to share with you on the list below. Let’s check them out now.


#1. We All Panic Sometimes

Image source: Yblok

#2. Uplifting Quote

Image source: KevlarYarmulke

#3. Keep Being You

Image source: metalgearobama

#4. Lifesaving Pencil

Image source: nickybiswashed

#5. All The Memes We’ve Never Shared

Image source: lysthreadz

#6. So Much In Common

Image source: wgianetta

#7. Roasting Shannon’s Toddler

Image source: DoctorDeathDefying

#8. That’s A Lot Of Pressure

Image source: Tomorrow_Dear

#9. Times Have Changed

Image source: TyGeezyWeezy

#10. Day 30? Simpler Times!

Image source: ImJacksAwkwardBoner

#11. Good Friends Are Consistent

Image source: PoonSwoggle

#12. What A Journey

Image source: itsenny

#13. The Missing Piece

Image source: StupidDizzyMedicine

#14. Good For Duolingo But Still Sad

Image source: the_amazing_gog

#15. Will You Answer The Call?

Image source: quantian1

#16. The Big Come Down

Image source: Urkylurker

#17. Topical

Image source: RR_2025

#18. He’s Not Wrong…

Image source: m1n1Napoleon

#19. Mind Blowing How Accurate This Is!!!

Image source: Powerfulwoman20

#20. It Was Worth A Shot

Image source: unknown

#21. Group Projects Are The Worst

Image source: sonyaameoww

#22. So Close Yet So Far

Image source: marcushelbling

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