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22 Jokes About Single Life That Will Make You Laugh In Tears

For a part of the global population, February 14th is truly the most unwelcomed day in a year. Yeah, for people who are living a single life, Valentines’s day does nothing but reminds them that they are there, on their own, all alone. There’s never been a moment when chocolate and red roses become so hated. On this very particular day, single memes are just not enough to mock it.

Anyway, why should we bother being alone when we can just lay down on the couch and have a good time watching funny memes. Here we have collected some of the most hilarious memes from single guys and gals out there. And you will see, a single life can also be filled with joy and happiness, as long as we keep a positive mind. Now, scroll down and have a look at them.

#1 The dog has been traumatized!

Image Credit: donc-desole

#2 Your pets are always with you

Image Credit: Dawn_M_

#3 Balance!

Image Credit: rhysjamesy

#4 Wanna try?

Image Credit: pakalupapito

#5 *putting makeup, checking fancy restaurant addresses*

Image Credit: RuthePhoenix

#6 Cats may be sneaky, but dogs are manipulative sons of b*tches.

Image Credit: buhsbaby_baby

#7 Whooooops!

Image Credit: bobvulfov

#8 “What’s wrong with this picture?” “Absolutely nothing”

Image Credit: texasgirltweets

#9 Charlene?! *sobs* You cheating b*tch!

Image Credit: Mike_Bianchi

#10 Poor human

Image Credit: ltsTina

#11 So true!

Image Credit: LilGlolita

#12 Story of my life

Image Credit: Tamashay

#13 Never used

Image Credit: cyrisly_though

#14 You have chips with you!

Image Credit: ray_fenz

#15 I’d prefer the Nutella at this point

Image Credit: The_Giant_Moustache 

#16 Fine. That’s your choice.

Image Credit: freddyamazin

#17 At least the chair has a heart

Image Credit: sassytbh

#18 Screw the flowers

Image Credit: mellacy

#19 Jokes on you

Image Credit: TeufelHunden1

#20 The clock fell for you

Image Credit: clocksoverdoors

#21 Every single year

Image Credit: nharshav

#22 Awww! So sweet!

Image Credit: not-cooper