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14 Genius Ways To Deal With Slow Texters

When it comes to messages, we hate the times when our texts are just sent to the void, with no answer. Chatting with someone who is a slow texter is really a hard job that requires unimaginable patience. For many reasons, they’re just unable or unwilling to answer the text you sent, most of the time. Well, we think anyone can understand that frustration.

In some cases, just because that person replies so late that everything goes completely off track. So, to never be in that situation ever again, here are some brilliant ways to deal with those slow texters. They definitely need a lesson and put an end to their bad habit. Let’s scroll down now to see what we have got for you.

#1 This person with a solid sense of humor.

Image Credit: Allison

#2 This person dropping guilt bombs.

Image Credit: everythingfunny

#3 This person throwing major ~shade~ and killing plants.

Image Credit: Matthew Bryant

#4 This person knows exactly what’s happening.

Image Credit: Matthew Bryant

#5 This person waiting patiently.

Image Credit: Matthew Bryant

#6 This person had to incorporate a meme.

Image Credit: cheezburger

#7 This person who took control of the situation.

Image Credit: tumblr

#8 This person using pop culture references.

Image Credit:  quickmeme

#9 This person was honest about their feelings.

Image Credit: crazycrazy-insane

#10 This person paying respect.

Image Credit:  fucklove-sn0rtdrugs

#11 This person with all the jokes.

Image Credit:  goneinneverland

#12 This person with standards.

Image Credit: funny-quotes

#13 This person with valid expectations.

Image Credit: hqhumor

#14 And, this person was upfront about their expectations.

Image Credit: imgfave

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