19 Hilarious Pics To Show That It's Not Easy To Be A Dad

We all know the fact that we are likely to be closer to our mom than dad. This is somehow natural because mom usually spends more time with us. Well, it looks like all dads are at disadvantage right from the beginning. But don't worry, they still love us with everything they have, never change.
Although the dads cannot be as tender as moms, they have their way to express their love for us. They can do almost everything and never fail to surprise us. Yeah, both good surprises and bad surprises. Down here are some of the finest examples of dads trying to be good dads, and they're just so funny to watch. Even though they failed, we believe that their child will still love them as always. So now, prepare your laughter, scroll down and enjoy your time.

#1 When Dad Protests Water Prices

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#2 Parenting win! - Vader princess

Image Credit: Bobsutan

#3 Nothing quite like a little quality father-son time.

Image Credit: dad190

#4 I created a Dads and Daughters hair class to help other fathers learn about doing hair

Image Credit: MashedPotatoh

#5 My Dad's version of Twitter

Image Credit: Helio5

#6 I just asked my dad to leave the straightener outside the door before his shower...

Image Credit: amrbasshead17

#7 Nice.

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#8 Shout out to the dads

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#9 When your dad thinks your bath bomb is a toilet cleaner

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#10 Waiting for the prom date

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#11 That's one way to embarrass your son when bringing him lunch

Image Credit: sammiemccomb

#12 My mom asked my dad to get an "unconventional" tree that she "didn't have to decorate". Dad delivered.

Image Credit: unknown

#13 Never ask your dad to bring your stuff to school

Image Credit: nachonacho666

#14 Has anyone ever tried something like a beauty box, but with skincare stuff instead?

Image Credit: pyitzah

#15 Dad's first attempt to make a cake for his son's birthday.

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#16 My dad and his joy upon finding the ultimate dad joke IRL. He's been ordering it from eye-rolling waitresses for years.

Image Credit: studentofelves

#17 Wrong person dad

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#18 My dad grills everything

Image Credit: getFuzzious

#19 Call me a bad dad will you!!!

Image Credit: Bigslugman

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