Frozen One-Day-Old Kittens Are Saved And Finally Grow Up To Be Strong

A woman was walking her dog when she found a litter of 1-day-old kittens was frozen solid in the shrubs - no mama in sight. The kittens were so weak and tiny that they couldn't hold her head up. The woman called a rescue shelter for help, and they contacted a foster mom named Nikki Martinez to save the poor kittens.
Nikki and her husband rushed to go to the scene, they picked the kittens up and used the heater vents in the car to warm them up. However, they were only 1 day old and the couple was unsure whether they would survive.

Thankfully, the babies started recovering and the couple was so happy. The couple was determined to save their lives, so they brought them home and nursed them back to health. Unfortunately, one of the babies, Bagel needed more help than the rest. She stopped eating and her weight was drastically going down.
Although it was difficult to take care of Bagel, Nikki and her partner never gave up and did everything to help her survive. Luckily, Bagel was persevered to live and now she grows up to be strong and feisty. She got so cute and playful that she was ready for finding a forever home.
We’re so grateful that someone spotted these kittens and saved them! True compassion pays off after these kittens were found. See the full story in the video below!
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