20 Times Protesters Get Trolled In The Most Hilarious Ways

Protests are not something unfamiliar. As long as these events happen in peace, they allow people to exercise the freedom of speech. People can like or dislike something, and it's completely normal. However, sometimes we can see people get a bit extreme about their opinions. Luckily, we can always ease the tension and counter them with our signs and humor.
When it comes to social issues, people can be biased. No matter what they are protesting is right or wrong, they're doing it just because they hate it. Down below are some examples of these protesters, but at the time when their signs fail hilariously. Other people found their signs obnoxious and decided to take action. And it's so satisfying to see. Let's scroll down and check them out now.

#1 A weird hobby to have.

Image Credit: saturdaychores

#2 Spotted at Chicago’s Gay Pride.

Image Credit: stardust7

#3 Never misses a gay event.

Image Credit: unknown

#4 Priceless!

Image Credit: StigmaGrey

#5 Oh? Is that so?

Image Credit: PR3DA7oR

#6 Vader hates rebels.

Image Credit: love_the_heat

#7 He was more like me than you.

Image Credit: doug3465

#8 Jesus is fine with it.

Image Credit: Karomars

#9 Something we can all agree on!

Image Credit: unknown

#10 You’ve been warned.

Image Credit: uncouthsilence5

#11 I came to take your job.

Image Credit: LeCarpeDiem

#12 Pro-Life VS. Pro-Choice

Image Credit: schwanky

#13 According to statistic

Image Credit: Big Heritage

#14 Let’s hope his wife finds this funny.

Image Credit: FearlessFixxer

#15 San Diego LGBT Pride

Image Credit: unknown

#16 Owned!

Image Credit: SwirlStick

#17 Hide your daughters.

Image Credit: Will_Ryan_Post

#18 Proving that anyone can quote the bible…

Image Credit: unknown

#19 The true sinner.

Image Credit: unknown

#20 Relax!

Image Credit: unknown

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