Dash Camera Captures Kind Woman Who Stops Driving To Save Panic Kitten From Busy Road

It was a rainy day in Tula, Russia when a kitten got lost and stuck in the middle of the road. The kitten was panic-stricken and couldn't get out of the lane. Trucks and cars zoomed by him, barely missing him. He would have been crushed by moving cars and trucks if a kind-hearted woman hadn't stopped her car to save him.

A dash camera caught the dramatic rescue of the baby cat. In the footage, the tiny kitten could be seen huddling terrified in the middle of the road. Many cars drove around him, but no one stopped or called for help. That's when the woman stopped, got out of her car and rushed to pick the kitten up.
Miraculously, the little kitten was responsive right away. He was safe and sound after the incident. The woman then put him into her car and took him with her. No one knows what happens to the kitten afterwards, but we are sure that he is now living safe with his forever home and his beloved owners.

Watch the hair-raising rescue in the video below:

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