26 Times When Outside The Box Thinking Went Too Far

Does everything on this earth have a life span? It's true, though I don't want to admit it. Stars have lifespans. The cosmos has a lifespan. Humans have lifespans. And objects around us, from doors, soap holders, and cooking utensils, all have lifespans. When something is broken and needs replacing, we frequently feel stingy for throwing it away and refuse to pay for a new one. Why don't you take these redneck engineering ideas as inspiration to repair your stuff?
I have collected some of the best and most interesting redneck engineering ideas from the r/RedNeckEngineering subreddit, with about 650,000 subscribers. And they are very useful and money-saving. Scroll down to take a look. And vote for your favorites. Don't hesitate to share this list with those who are interested.

#1. My father-in-law wanted to keep the dust down in his wood shop

redneck engineeringSource: AgentSkidMarks

#2. Should be no problem!

redneck engineeringSource: arnoldsomen

#3. Yes

redneck engineeringSource: HaloM4n

#4. Redneck anti-theft device

redneck engineeringSource: femme_supremacy

#5. If it works, it works…

redneck engineeringSource: Sesmo_FPV

#6. I need to drive somehow

redneck engineeringSource: spook30

#7. Redneck TV antena - seen in Tbilisi, Georgia

redneck engineeringSource: rybavlimuzine

#8. I work IT for an MSP, and one of the other techs sent me this, kinda jealous that I never thought of it

redneck engineeringSource: RedneckOnline

#9. My guy must have had a line on some discount doors

redneck engineeringSource: m00sesoup

#10. Soap holder at my friend’s house

Source: muchos-memes

#11. Hurricane prep

Source: HA1LSANTA666

#12. Beer can taco holder

Source: wrapped-in-reverse

#13. Redneck engineering

Source: sgabe1010

#14. To catch a mail thief

Source: Traditional-Step-246

#15. Redneck inginuity

Source: greene3116

#16. Just found this for sale and grabbed it. I’m gonna redneck out of this thing

Source: Stonetown_Radio

#17. Posting in solidarity to an earlier post

Source: gordielaboom

#18. This counts, right?

Source: LinuxUser13301939

#19. Redneck repurposing of kids' recreational toys

Source: Cautious-Damage7575

#20. Operation, but it shocks you when you touch the metal

redneck engineeringSource: FewRecommendation547

#21. Found random on the Internet

redneck engineeringSource: KicksterCZ

#22. The power was out and had to charge the phone

redneck engineeringSource: collinpiggy_4

#23. Guy at work was just a tad too short for what he was welding this morning

redneck engineeringSource: alilheavyT

#24. It's an electric hand mixer, alright

redneck engineeringSource: cassis-oolong

#25. And it looks stylish to boot

redneck engineeringSource: irunian

#26. I was told you all would appreciate this

redneck engineeringSource: Humble-Republic-382

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