Funniest Survival Story Ever Of A Doctor Who Gets Stuck In Elevator Before His Very 1st Surgery

Anyone can have a bad day now and then. It's so frustrating for sure, and we can only blame ourselves for that misfortune. And yet, some people can turn their bad day into a real-life comedy. After all, why be sad when you can make fun of your bad luck?
Medical student Joseph must be a fine example of a funny and optimistic guy. He was trapped in an elevator right before his first surgery. The confined space inside the elevator can easily trigger claustrophobia and make people panic. But our doctor seemed not to be bothered. He proceeded to upload live Snapchats from the Claustrophobia-inducing box during the entire 60 minutes he was stuck in there. And the internet just had to give him applause for the shortest, funniest, and most dramatic survival story ever. Now, scroll down and check it out.













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