These 19 Unfortunate Teachers And Their Hilarious Fails Will Make You Laugh Hard

Every school has regulations to make it a serious, decent place suitable for learning. Yeah, no chatting in class, no sleeping, no snacking, everyone needs to stay silent and focus. Well, it's only in our imagination, though. In reality, a classroom can be the stage for all kinds of awkward situations. And it'll be even funnier when they come exactly from the teacher, who is the most unlikely to make mistakes.
In the end, teachers are humans, too. And no human can be perfect all the time. They do fail and sometimes fail hilariously like the teachers in the photos below. Scroll down for more funny moments of our beloved teachers. Enjoy!

#1 High School Teacher Remote Teaching. Our Platform Generates Unique Classroom Codes For Each Course. For My Course, I Have To Screenshot And Send "Jizzin' To God" To All My Students

Image Credit: double_reedditor

#2 Oops!

Image Credit: m_wartelle

#3 Announcement For Teachers Please Check Your Fonts

Image Credit: leenash0624

#4 Bad Photocopying On My Behalf. The Year 6’s Found It Hilarious

Image Credit: roaststephen

#5 How Is Your First Day Going?

Image Credit: theelateacher

#6 Moment Of Embarrassment

Image Credit: Mr_Leggatt

#7 Oops, Bad Spelling

Image Credit: chris_daniels540

#8 4 Teachers. 10 Degrees. 1 Giant Mess

Image Credit: cecinestpasunephoto

#9 Teacher Fail

Image Credit: amymayforrester

#10 I Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Buy My Class Of Year 5's Some Heart Shaped Balloons - Apparently Not

Image Credit: unknown

#11 Welp. I Killed The Class Pets Today

Image Credit: misadventuresofriss

#12 1st Of Many Teacher Fails: We Were Going To Play Hangman But Then We Realized That Was Inappropriate... So We Came Up With A New, Original Game Which We Called “Beat The Balls.” Then We Chose The Word “Grassland” And Well This Is Where We Ended Up

Image Credit: theblonde_leading_theblonde

#13 How's Your Day Going? If I Had A Dollar For Every Time I've Locked My Class Keys In My Room, I Could Quit My Job. No Worries, I'm Innovative And A Problem Solver. I Always Carry A Tool Kit In My Car...

Image Credit: teachingmondaythroughfriyay

#14 My First Ever Class As A Teacher Is About To Begin, All Notes On The Laptop

Image Credit: Tangoxx

#15 This Professor, Who Sent A Rude Email Because He Thought Everyone Skipped His Class. It Was An Online Class

Image Credit: unknown

#16 A Science Teacher

Image Credit: __couplesmemes__

#17 Every... Single... Day

Image Credit: WeAreTeachers

#18 Sorry Class, My Dog Ate Everyone's Homework

Image Credit: complicatedlysimple

#19 That Time I Made Fake Snow With My Students And It Looked Like Bags Of Coke'

Image Credit: unknown

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