12 Pisces Symbols That You Have Never Heard Of!

While it is the two fish that become the primary symbol of Pisces, it is not the only one.
I guess that many of you are asking a big question "Why?" in your head, so I am going to give you the answer right now. We know that every zodiac sign is born with its own characteristics and different personal traits. To describe Pisces, here we have 12 adjectives that best match their personalities. They are gentle, emotional, intellectual, transcendent, vulnerable, loyal, self-destructive, submissive, wise, guardianship, empathic, and able to see the whole picture. The table below illustrates the 12 personalities of Pisces people.

As you can see, each of the traits is explained under an animal, which we will go into more detail right now.

1, Rabbit

Rabbits are quiet and observant, so they represent Pisces' gentleness, romance, and their love towards other people.

2. Pig

When we talk about Pigs, we think of the kind of animals who eat as if they were never completely full. Pisces absorbs the emotions of others in much the same way.

Image: cutest.pigs

3. Fish

Fish is the primary symbol of the Pisces sign. So what personality does it represent for a Pisces? This water animal dives deep, just like how Pisces can “dive deep” into another’s emotions.

Image: travel_the_world_with_jessica

4. Horses

As the table has shown, horses symbolize a Pisces person with an open mind and great transcendence. Horses like to go to new places, explore new things. Likewise, Pisces people love adventures and traveling.


5. Seal

Seals usually need to travel in packs to ensure their safety. Therefore, this species of animal shows that Pisces are so vulnerable.

Image: utest.seals


"Dogs are the most loyal creatures". To Pisces, dogs symbolize the loyalty and empathy that this Zodiac sign is having.

Image: insta_dog

7. Snake

Snakes represent evil. This means that Pisces people are sometimes self-destructed with negative thoughts and feelings.

Image: ar.burms.balls

8. Phoenix

Phoenix is a mythical bird, symbolizing power, internal energy, and attractiveness. Therefore, Pisces are energetic and attractive.

Image: christoskarapanosart

9. Owl

When we talk about the owl, we often talk about their wisdom. Pisces signs are wise people, but they are often distracted by objective factors from the environment. But once they stay concentrated, they can work with the highest productivity.

Image: Instagram

10. Mountain Goat

Mountain goat, as mentioned in the table, is similar to the guardianship of Pisces.

Image: lealsguard

11. Mink

This kind of animal show Pisces' special ability to heal and cheer up other people. If you are sad, just find a Pisces to talk with. They know how to ease your pain and make you feel better.

Image: joelbenoist

12. Seagull

The seagull is known for its ability to fly high and see things from distance. This feature is similar to Pisces people. They can see the whole picture of a problem and study it in different dimensions.

Image: hay_picturethis

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