25 Times Odd Mannequins Made Us Question WTF Was Going On

Mannequins are an object that everyone is familiar with, especially fashionistas who frequent apparel stores, shopping malls, and supermarkets. However, when viewed from a different angle, it is clear that the mannequin has lived a boring life. They were designed to show a variety of different clothes so that people could see how they would look while wearing them. Unfortunately, odd mannequins are sometimes compelled to stand in the same spot all day, and shop staff violently amputate their bodily parts.
Some people have sensed their feelings and assisted them in escaping boredom by dressing them up in dapper clothes and posing funny to fit the circumstance. The slender mannequin, the kid mannequin, and the pumped-up mannequin are all hilarious pics that will make you laugh out loud. Take a look at 25 times odd mannequins made us question WTF was going on. Let's get started!

#1. Not many customers around today, so I got creative with the bedsheets!

Source: magenta_lilies

#2. Mannequins in Japan

Source: arbill

#3. This exactly why I don’t take him anywhere

Source: BIndlovukazi

#4. Interesting choice in mannequin for a table saw display

Source: Roho_Kitnam

#5. Slender mannequin

Source: bmagnussonReport


#6. Every morning on my way to work, I feel a deep spiritual connection with this mannequin

Source: TheCarbonStampede

#7. Whenever my daughter walks past child mannequins, she likes to pretend she's one of them

Source: frisbm3

#8. Yet another unrealistic body standard for women

Source: cisgenderhaver

#9. When the clothes shop has your size

Source: Reddit

#10. This kid mannequin

Source: Cnmbnmya

#11. Pumped up mannequin

Source: Palifaith

#12. These mannequins are terrifying

Source: ReksilTheRed

#13. Finally some realistic expectations

Source: TheSteelSword

#14. A rabbit-headed mannequin I spotted in Japan

Source: matteocrayo

#15. This mannequin in a German mall

Source: phiiotalambda

#16. I thought it was a real person sitting on a bench, until I noticed her hands. Festive mannequin

Source: livllovable

#17. My friend looks exactly like these mannequins

Source: badnewsclown

#18. Parenting level... 2.5?

Source: BamBamBeano

#19. This mannequin with character

Source: Mr_Simmonds

#20. This kid mannequin looks like he will devour the souls of sinners on Judgment Day

Source: largavidaapedromendo

#21. These ornaments make store mannequins look like Sims

Source: swever

#22. When your parents would make you show them the clothes you just tried on

Source: kiahai

#23. This mannequin is hilarious

Source: mungnung1

#24. This stores emblem/mascot is an eagle, and so are the mannequins

Source: Bizarrmenian

#25. Mannequins at the mall near my house. I think they used Mark Zuckerberg as the template

Source: LDPro_Gamer

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