People Are Sharing The Wildest And Weirdest Mannequin Poses, And They Are Absolutely Hilarious

Mannequins! We see them every day in stores, yet we often ignore them. And when walking by those mannequins, we often think of them as lifeless figures whose main purpose is to attract customers and show how certain clothes would look when worn. But that's not all, and this list of the 23 wildest and weirdest mannequin poses will undoubtedly change your perception of them. Continue reading to see them all!
From strange facial expressions to outrageous poses, these photos are sure to tickle your funny bone. So thanks to the clever people who came up with the idea of arranging them to look entertaining. Now, shopping has never been more fun! And these mannequins are ready to take the internet by storm. So are you ready to get a laugh or two, let's scroll down and check them out; enjoy!

#1. After finishing his term at the White House, this is where he ended up:

Source: sitsitsitonyou

#2. There are just MANY kind of mannequins poses. You have the sauciest ones...

Mannequin PosesSource: reddit

#3. The elongated ones...

Source: EltaninAntenna

#4. And the super jazzy ones

Mannequin PosesSource: astroboots

#5. "I am not wearing this sh*t!"

Source: imgur

#6. Interesting choice...

Source: Roho_Kitnam

#7. When the clothes shop has your size...

Mannequin PosesSource: reddit

#8. I'm tired too buddy, I'm tired too. The week's almost over.

Mannequin PosesSource: imgur

#9. When things look familiar...

Source: avabit

#10. "I don't know... just make them look French."

Source: unknown

#11. When your parents would make you show them the clothes you just tried on...

Source: kiahai

#12. "Cheer up, mannequin, it's supposed to be the best day of your life..."

Source: magicbullets

#13. Business suits are officially NOT boring...

Mannequin PosesSource: arbili

#14. I bet he feels nuts

Source: unknown

#15. T H I C C

Source: jporulez

#16. Ah, the timeless art of seduction...

Mannequin Poses "Paint me like one of your headless girls."

Source: cats_gone_cray

#17. This is good marketing. Making people sh*t their pants is a good way to get them to buy a new pair.

Source: imgur

#18. Whoever made this mannequin is confused...

Source: Alesandramw

#19. "That’s showbiz baby."

Source: rustydomino

#20. Action fashion!

Mannequin PosesSource: pinterest

#21. Sassy!

Mannequin PosesSource: Warranty_Voider

#22. Is she need to go?

Mannequin PosesSource: theprettywild

#23. Uh, guys... we can all see you.

Mannequin PosesSource: kulfoto

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