25 Sassy Comics By Katherine That’ll Fly You Through The Cosplay Universe

What is more fascinating than wrapping yourself with a blanket and sticking your eyes to an online comic series throughout the winter? It is even more epic when there are some comics that could blow off all distractions around you! And today, we are going to fly you guys through the cosplay universe created by artist Katherine. Let’s enjoy our FREE flight. You’ll definitely find yourself somewhere in any of her comics without being caught in real life! Katherine's sassy comic pages are great to enjoy
Katherine is an Australian cartoonist known for tons of her quirky and humorous comics. The series revolves around the life of a teen girl with unique ginger hair, who is a cosplay addict. Oh, you might ask, her comics are named Khemmings94 which is also unique, isn’t it? Even though she has started doing art a little bit late, you’ll be overwhelmed by her big reader community. But before diving into her creative universe, we’d love to stress that the series is not for any specific target readers. No need to worry if you’re neither a professional cosplayer nor an anime fan! Khemmings94 is for everyone seeking something hilarious to brighten their days.
Katherine is quite sassy herself so her brainchild seems to be absurdly funny. Many dialogues are inserted in each strip yet the more you read them, the more intriguing and relatable you find them. Right below are 25 of her latest comics as proof of our words. Visit her website for more and don’t be shy if you’d love to have a seat in her reader planet. Here we go with Comics By Katherine!

#1 Passport photo

Comics By KatherineSource: khemmings94

#2 Cosplayer's matter

Comics By KatherineSource: khemmings95

#3 Un-impossible

Comics By KatherineSource: khemmings96

#4 Always be unique

Comics By KatherineSource: khemmings97

#5 It's so hot!!

Comics By KatherineSource: khemmings98

#6 Winter is gudd

Comics By KatherineSource: khemmings99

#7 Grow up so fast

Comics By KatherineSource: khemmings100

#8 Toga chann

Comics By KatherineSource: khemmings101

#9 Unconditional love

Comics By KatherineSource: khemmings102

#10 The nightmare

Source: khemmings103

#11 No photo, please!

Source: khemmings104

#12 Plant children

Source: khemmings105

#13 Ginger spot

Source: khemmings106

#14 Soft hair addicts

Source: khemmings107

#15 Business card

Source: khemmings108

#16 Cosplay everywhere

Source: khemmings109

#17 Zombie is alive!!

Source: khemmings110

#18 Hufflepuff 100%

Source: khemmings111

#19 Make-up…

Source: khemmings112

#20 Cosplay group

Source: khemmings113

#21 Black-fire

Source: khemmings114

#22 Compliment?

Source: khemmings115

#23 Only Ginger!!

Source: khemmings116

#24 Wild, like, insane

Source: khemmings117

#25 Free chair

Source: khemmings118

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