25 Funny Tweets About What It's Like To Be Grown-ups That Make You Laugh Then Cry

When we were a child, we all desired to be grown-ups to do what we wanted. However, growing up doesn't just mean being taller, being able to drive, or being able to buy your own alcohol and drink it. Growing up means responsibility. Indeed, it was so easy when you could just blame your mistakes on being a kid, on the other hand, you have to take responsibility for everything you do - at home, at work, and in life. As a kid, you went on vacation with your parents or on school trips - most of it was paid for. Now, as an adult, you hardly travel because you have no money or someone to travel with. Also, you have no more time for naps because you need to earn money to pay bills, clothes, meals, etc. The responsibilities of being grown are just too much at times and maybe most adults are adults because they have to.
Being an adult is not a bad thing but I bet many people miss being a child like me. How many times have you wished you could just watch cartoons and eat snacks all day? Now, are you enjoying a wonderful time with your friends or are you busy with work emails? At this time, are you expecting someone to call and book your own dentist appointments for you?
Hey friends! If you're a twentysomething struggling to cope with adulthood then, you can see these funny tweets in the gallery below, you're not the only one.


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#2 These thrill me

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#3 Seriously thought WAY too much about this!

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#4 Back over me with your car... I'll let you!

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#5 Oh, sorry... not you

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#7 I am completely DONE with work!

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#8 Why???

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#9 Just that work grind...

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#10 This is the perfect way to summarize it

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#11 An even more true mark of adulthood is: scheduling a doctors appointment for your parents

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#12 That's so raw

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#13 This is still the funniest thing ever

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#14 Instead of your parents making you do it

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#15 Or in some cases: Please someone just find me a job

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#16 What a mature thought!

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#17 Which one are you?

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#18 Welcome to adulthood

To Be Grown-upsSource: AnnaKendrick47

#19 Kids are made from rubber and magic. Adults are made from brittle dead twigs

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#20 I'm planning to stop counting at 30 and start again at 60 (when the pension is getting near)

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#21 It could also be captioned "My first day at the new job"

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#22 Hahaha, perfect ?

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#23 Aging acne cream probably

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#24 Yep so true

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#25 Dad #1

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