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16 Teachers Who Are Awesome And Humorous At The Same Time

We probably all have a teacher we remember with love and pride, even years after graduation. Maybe they are not the best teachers in town, but they are the ones who are truly dedicated to teaching. They know what the students want, know how to deliver the lesson most creatively, and how to cheer up everyone in the class. They can make even the students who are not interested in the subject feel motivated to study. And that is highly appreciated.

We can imagine the students in their class are always happy during lessons because their teachers are so awesome. Then, the teachers have surely fulfilled their duty. Hope that there will be more teacher like that out there, who inspires the students. For now, let’s scroll down and see these teachers and their great sense of humor in the pics below.

#1 My English teacher put this on the clock during finals.
M – motivation.

Image Credit: imgur

#2 A good teacher knows to encourage even such little things.

Image Credit: imgur

#3 This chemistry teacher is super hot!

Image Credit: imgur

#4 Once, these teachers made fun photos for the school yearbook…

…and then decided to make it a tradition.

Image Credit: imgur

#5 “How hot is my teacher?”

Image Credit: Youowemealife

#6 My microbiology professor did the entire lecture like this:

Image Credit: Tredid

#7 Our teacher has a student draw a “cat of the day” on the board. He was away on Friday. So this morning he took out his phone and drew a “substitute cat” from the web. I love this teacher.

Image Credit: reddit

#8 This math teacher takes Pi day too seriously.

Image Credit:  imgur

#9 The best photo in the yearbook.

Image Credit:  imgur

#10 When they changed the first lesson time from 9 am to 7 am, this teacher found a way to protest: a pajama riot!

Image Credit: it_roll

#11 Teachers at this school take Magnum PI and picture day very seriously.

Image Credit: goonch4

#12 This is how my former art teacher proves you can make art out of anything.

Image Credit: imgur

#13 My algebra teacher doing a handstand to demonstrate reciprocals.

Image Credit: speedskatergirl

#14 Need a way to keep your students engaged while teaching a history lesson? Dress up in costume. Learning about various periods becomes a lot more memorable when the educator is donning the garb to match.

Image Credit: unknown

#15 Little surprise at the end of the day

Image Credit: Youowemealife


#16 Very creative, very friendly 

Image Credit: Youowemealife

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