Funny Advertising Placement Fails That Will Definitely Catch Your Attention

We have rounded up 20 examples of advertising bad ad placement to make you burst out laughing. Scroll down to check.
Advertisement is everywhere around us. In shopping malls, bus stops, restaurants, TV programs, websites, and so on. We can’t deny the importance of advertisements in the marketing industry. Good ads can convince customers to buy the products or services, but some bad ones can bring the advertisers opposite results. A poorly designed slogan can fail to convey the meaning, or a confusing sign can make people misunderstand the brand’s purposes.
Sometimes, placement is very significant, too. An ad that is placed wrong can change the whole concept, leading to a hilarious failure. You guys must have seen some ad fails here and there. So here we have rounded up 20 examples of advertising placement fails to make you burst out laughing. Scroll down to check.

#1. "Possibly The Worst Airline Ad Ever..."

bad ad

#2. "Nice Legs"

advertising placement

#3. Fail

advertising placement

#4. "Well That's Sh**ty Ad Placement"


#5. Ironic

bad ad

#6. Starbucks Vans With Sliding Doors

bad advertising

#7. "This Guy Must Be Feeling Pretty Great On This Ad"

bad advertising placementErickJail

#8. Instruction

bad advertising

#9. "This Church Has Some Rather Unfortunate Ad Placement For Its Bible Camp"

#10. "I Guess That's A Good Motto"

bad ad

#11. "That's OK - I'll Just Catch The Next Cab"

bad ad placementNiseione

#12. "Ad Placement Win!"

Ad Placement Win!"f03vral0n3

#13. "I Don't Think The Marketing Team Behind The Hobbit Really Thought This Ad Placement Through"

Fail advertisementriddler645

#14. "Baby Sure Does"

Ad Placement

#15. Hidden Meow


#16. The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round...

inappropriate placement of

#17. Smile

Bad advertisementsFlyHater

#18. "Poor Choice Of Ad Placement"

Adverts should

#19. Heart Disease For 3$

bad ad

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