Snow Leopards Just Love Nibble Their Own Fluffy Tails

The Snow leopard, Panthera uncia, is a big cat species living in the mountain ranges of Central and South Asia. Snow leopards are the Ghosts of the Mountains. They are majestic, regal, magnificent. They have a gorgeous, distinctive fur coat to conceal their presence in their natural habitats. And they have a very long fluffy tail, served as a perfect toy to play with when they feel bored.
Their tail is 80 to 105 centimeters long, almost as long as they are. In fact, the long tail helps them have better balance when hunting on stiff slopes. But their tail is so fluffy that even they themself cannot resist but nibble it.
Snow leopards love nomming on their tail. In the natural environment, they usually use the tail to cover their noses while sleeping in cold weather. But in captivity, maybe they just nom on their tail because it has so much fun. Just look at the tail. So fluffy! So magical! So... tasty!


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