How Does Each Zodiac Sign Deal With Breakup?

Every relationship begins with good impressions, deep interest, and strong feelings. We jump into the relationship with the prospect of exploring a new partnership's potentialities. If and when it ends, we are forced to abandon not only what was, but our hopes for what could have been. This is a heartbreaking experience and each sign of the zodiac deals with it differently.
Here are twelve ways that the twelve zodiac signs would do after a relationship.


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Aries are the babies of the zodiac. They seem not to be very emotional on the outside. Even though the heat of breakup hurts them so hard, Aries can recover from it quickly if they want to. With the energy of lord planet Mars, they give a tough fight to the pain.


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Earth sign Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Taureans are enchanted by romance. Taurus is a fixed sign, and accordingly, they want to stay too long in relationships, and they'll fight for a partnership until the bitter end. If the relationship ends, they must be the one who suffers the most. They find it hard to manage themselves and stay in sorrow for a long time. However, once they win their emotions, they will be stronger and more mature.



Gemini's symbol is the twins, which means there are two sides of their personalities. Though they are considered very emotional, they are able to handle themselves after the breakup. Gemini always needs their friend and family's support to overcome the end of a relationship.


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Cancer, actually, is seriously affected by breakups. However, they don't want to bother anyone with their negative thinking and emotions. Cancer will hide for a while and come back to the world when they are sure that they completely get over their exes.



Leo is cautious with relationships. It takes time for them to build trust and start committed love. However, once they feel safe in a partnership, they do not want it to end. After a relationship, they become arrogant and refuse to let someone know that they are in much pain.


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Dealing with a breakup, Virgo tends to be stressed and finds it hard to let the partner go. They always think of the past experience they had with their exes, so it takes them a long time to move on. In this situation, Virgo really needs a new person to come into their lives and heal their broken hearts.



Libra is represented by the scales, a symbol of harmony, and governed by Venus, the planet of love. Since Libras are happiest when they're coupled up, it's no surprise that these air signs move seamlessly between relationships. There are many times these people feel depressed and hopeless after a relationship. All they need to do is to read a book or hang out with friends.


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A breakup also has a bad impact on Scorpios. But luckier than Libra, this Zodiac sign knows how to keep themselves safe and calm. Maybe they will block their ex on social media so that they can move on faster. During a few days after the breakup, these people will feel very angry and irritable, but those unpleasant feelings will not last long.


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If you think you can hurt a Sagittarius inside, you are wrong! They are temporary lovers, so they often don't think much about breakups. They also do not prepare for it. If a breakup takes them by surprise, they will have a big question "Why?" in mind. But when these people get the answer, they easily accept it and look for their next relationships.



Capricorns are independent, mature, and ambitious. In a relationship, They're interested in building long-lasting partnerships to help them weather life's inevitable ups and downs. However, when it's the time they have to make it to the end, they prepare for it, and become ready for new partners.



Aquarius desire to be loved and cared for, so they are not about to bear the breakup or get over their partner’s memories easily. If they get up one day and stay without their lovers, friends, or families, they will be depressed. Aquarius is one of those Zodiac Signs After Break Up that cannot take care of themselves.


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Any Pisces might feel hurt after a relationship. But believe me, they will recover soon. They will realize that it is better to get plenty of rest during breakups and trust their guts to tell them what decisions should be made.
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