23 Times When People Were Total A**holes, They Deserved To Get Dragged Online

Let's be honest: not everyone we met was nice. Heck, a lot of people are even total a**holes. While the world is chock full of amazing people who go out of their way to brighten someone else’s day with kindness, there are also quite a few rotten apples who don't give a damn about what happens to anybody else as long as they get what they want. And some people enjoy ruining other people's days for nothing more than a cheap laugh from malice. Therefore, finding proof of it isn't all that tough. So, here are a few funny instances of people at their worst, and they deserved every bit of internet embarrassment that they got.
From leaving raw chicken packs in the shoe aisle to burning down the donation bookshelf, are you having your blood boil already? Watch and find out who from Jerk School earned a diploma with honors. And when you’re done with this list, you can take a peek at some of the biggest encounters with these total a**holes that people had in our earlier posts here. You know, just in case you're not already bubbling over with righteous rage.

#1. This is cruel and ignorant.

Total A**holesSource: gwinefcc

#2. Support worker leaves her shopping bags on top of the disabled man in her care as she takes a fag break:

Total A**holesSource: ww-m

#3. After a big family left at the food court:

Total A**holesSource: reddit

#4. They deserve, much, much worse.

Total A**holesSource: somnifacientsawyer

#5. Don't be this type of person:

Total A**holesSource: SlugsLoveBeer

#6. "A mom left her 2 kids, a child and baby in a car seat, alone while she went into dance class"

Total A**holesSource: p4755166

#7. This f*** triple parking:

Total A**holesSource: Brutal_Expectations

#8. Soon to be trans-alive...

Total A**holesSource: Poorly_Drawn_Fish

#9. "There is an 11-day bin man strike in Edinburgh and this is only day two. Most of the city is like this."

Total A**holesSource: reddit

#10. I hope she goes to court and they end up pulling this post up.

Total A**holesSource: JosephiKrakowski78

#11. "Owning a Maserati doesn’t make you not trashy. They just opened the door and set down their litter."

Total A**holesSource: pateOrade

#12. "Wandering through the store, when suddenly I smell piss..."

Total A**holesSource: tritops2018

#13. "Ripping off the “bad” lettuce from each head until she finds one with enough left over to keep."

Total A**holesSource: reddit

#14. Just chillin' at the coffee shop.

Total A**holesSource: geekaz01d

#15. "This is how a table left the tip for one of my servers."

Source: LightsSoundAction

#16. "Neighbour built a community library. Last night someone dumped chili and cat food inside"

Source: Extric_Atorium

#17. "This dude decided to park in front of my driveway when the entire street was free."

Source: iBahnez

#18. "We see stuff like this on a daily basis."

And people wonder why prices are so high...

Source: empire1018

#19. Burned down community book donation.

Source: Unsung-torpidity

#20. Whoever did that is a monster.

Source: lee_redrobin

#21. Poor dog.

Source: PrinceferX

#22. Bringing your kid with you to an adult shop:

Source: reddit

#23. Sitting on raw chicken while chatting with a Comcast rep at Walmart:

Source: RemarkableRyan

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