28 Yucky Photos That Prove Some People Are Certified A-Holes

Welcome to "jerk land," the horrible section of mankind where everyone is anything but polite. And trust us when we say that the tension in these pictures is so high that they will make your blood boil. So keep reading because here are some nasty photos that prove some people are certified a-holes.
From washing a dog's poop on a drinking fountain to drugging your entire workplace, we believe that any nasty scenario your mind can think of has already been done on this list. Are you clenching your teeth already? Try to relax because it's getting worse as you read this post. Now, let's buckle up and prepare to be disgusted by these certified a-holes' disgusting acts in public that can happen every day. Even though these people can be pretty genuinely awful, it's still entertaining to watch from afar and imagine how willingly ignorant they must be. So let's check out these certified a-holes who prove we're moving backward as a society. Enjoy!

#1. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Source: arbili

#2. You Sir, are a d*ck!

Source: imgur

#3. Someone handed out this at the bar:

Source: ebaumsworld

#4. What kind of heartless twat that go around slashing homeless people’s tents?

Source: JessieKer

#5. "My housemates thought it would be a good idea to do this while I was asleep and then leave for the day (with the key). I have a job interview in 2 hours."

Source: PlungerBot

#6. Stealing from a free condom vending machine.

Source: kcveggies

#7. She should have to pay for all of those.

Source: criscotwisterqueen

#8. Sometimes it blows my mind how people clearly just disrespect these signs.

Source: cassandrasoleil

#9. This guy who is watching Netflix in the cinema without headphones:

Source: OzTs

#10. The time Wendy Williams mocks Joaquin Phoenix for having a 'cleft lip'

Source: Wendy

#11. "This woman, who would not stop sunbathing next to a funeral even after being asked to move several times."

Source: Gombi20

#12. Washing his dog's bum on a drinking fountain:

Source: Rebecca Laurie

#13. Got soiled diapers? Put ‘em underneath the chaise lounge at the beach resort...

Source: Scarboyski

#14. Drugging your whole workplace because why not.

Source: DarkStar0129

#15. One guy brought his dog to the office. The dog did this, then he says "I'm really busy so can someone else get it".

Source: alwayz4word

#16. This guy eating pistachios on the train

Source: ThinkResearcher

#17. At local thrift store.

Source: harrmic7

#18. What an irony.

Source: brian1706

#19. Disgusting and so wasteful!

Source: All_dex_no_flex

#20. A customer wanted to return some produce because "It was too ripe."

Source: nakedlynutricious

#21. Ripping off the “bad” lettuce from each head until she finds one with enough left over to keep.

Source: Reddit

#22. Just chillin' at the coffee shop.

Source: geekaz01d

#23. This is how a table left the tip for servers.

Source: LightsSoundAction

#24. Sitting on raw chicken while chatting with a Comcast rep at Walmart.

Source: RemarkableRyan

#25. Please stop being a thot in the gas station ice machine.

Source: taltesar

#26. "The joys of international travel."

Source: brownshout

#27. There was a trash can literally four feet away!

Source: NorseCelt137

#28. And lastly, this kind of horrible people:

Source: Infector101

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