23 Times People Desperately Asked For Plates

Too much is not good. That applies to almost everything in this life, including creativity. Some restaurants are trying to stand out, they want to be one and only in this business. That's why they come up with incredibly insane ideas we are never ready for. Unfortunately, there's a fine line between ideas that are jaw-droppingly original and ones that are total disasters. We don't know why some restaurants think that serving food in unusual things like a hat or a shoe is a good idea.
We compiled a list of 23 times people desperately asked for plates instead of the so-called "creative ideas" restaurants come up with. Scroll down for some fun and check out our previous post here!

#1. Whole *ss meal on a cup

people asked for platesSource: mrzioh213

#2. Mackerel Sashimi on a Hat

Source: akamikedavid

#3. Pudding in a garden trowel anyone?

Source: Ubersheep1

#4. So the course was beef tongue. Served with a spoon wrapped in a mold...of the Chef's tongue.

people asked for platesSource: CandyMan77

#5. There was an attempt to include a plate... sort of

Source: tw0_cent

#6. Tacos on cactus

Source: Bodefeld

#7. Bread in a Versace Shoe

Source: trublue4u22

#8. Caged chicken buns in Hong Kong

Source: Working_Vegetable212

#9. "Another shovel. The restaurant name includes the word “Farm”, so I guess it works?"

Source: glewtion

#10. When customers think they are getting less than they ordered

Source: edinburghkyle

#11. Tiramisu in a Moka Pot

people asked for platesSource: explosive_squib

#12. Onion rings on a funnel

Source: oelbrenner

#13. Chocolate and cava - in a cava bottle

people asked for platesSource: MrsPhyshTaco

#14. Bone appetit

Source: Federal-Roof8729

#15. Who thought this was a good idea?

people asked for platesSource: SavannahRamaDingDong

#16. Grilled cheese & tomato soup

Source: Scooba6369

#17. Pasta served in a bottle that is levitating on a chain

people asked for platesSource: Scooba6369

#18. Mouse trap burger

people asked for platesSource: Chedda-King

#19. "Dinosaur Plate - I Dino if I’m mad about it"

people asked for platesSource: jserpan

#20. Desert in a 2-star Michelin restaurant

Source: jserpan

#21. "Well, I actually like that one"

people asked for platesSource: ManuDOMB

#22. Lamb chops on a baroque framed mirror

people asked for platesSource: Amylynn4215

#23. Sushi on a tree

people asked for platesSource: DesoleBitches

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