22 Times Restaurants Tried To Stand Out But Failed Miserably

In this day and age, businesses need to be unique and creative if they want to stand out from the rest and attract people. Restaurants are no exception. There are a lot of options out there so if you know how to make your restaurant one and only, it will be the final choice of customers. Therefore, restaurants put great effort into making customers' experiences memorable. However, some restaurants get a little carried away while trying to stand out, leading to several awkward situations.
Restaurants from the list below tried to appear unique in the way they serve food but ended up getting called out on this subreddit r/WeWantPlates for being ridiculous. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. Cheese foam is spooned onto the back of your hand by the waiter and then you have to lick it off.

restaurants failed miserablySource: prisongovernor

#2. Bread served inside roadkill

restaurants failed miserablySource: urdsrevenge

#3. Self-aware absurdity? Apple pastry desert served on an image of a plate.... On an iPad.

restaurants failed miserablySource: cheekyjan

#4. "Most expensive restaurant I've ever been. Chef literally made the starter in our hand."

restaurants failed miserablySource: Zero_Boss

#5. This is the most awful thing ever. Broccoli impaled on a metal... thing?

restaurants failed miserablySource: juangutip

#6. Literally 6 nachos for the whole table

Source: mmonzeob

#7. Pizza served on hooks

restaurants failed miserablySource: Go_Blue_

#8. Horrifying

Source: TheBeatles2

#9. "My boyfriend was just served a Bloody Mary in a fry basket"

Source: I_Crush_Your_Head

#10. "My wife's cocktail was served in a hollow stone and had to be drunk through the hole, without a straw"

Source: MrMagicMoves

#11. So....meat on the barbie?

Source: brokenankleZ

#12. Shovelled down these burgers

Source: peech13

#13. ‘Chicken sunbathing on a beach’

Source: ChinaInPics

#14. In New York

Source: former_retail_worker

#15. "I hate to stifle someone's creativity, but I really dont like this"

Source: voodoomudcake

#16. "At a wedding I recently attended"

Source: Shmourge

#17. "I got a single, lonely carrot on a phone."

restaurants failed miserablySource: Walds1987

#18. Chocolate Tartè on a squashed pepsi can

restaurants failed miserablySource: Jake1272

#19. "Our appetizer in a shoe. They refused my request to try it on or take it home."

restaurants failed miserablySource: adullploy

#20. "Do you want a plate?" "No I, want a goddamn solar system"

restaurants failed miserablySource: opaespectacular

#21. “Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You.”

restaurants failed miserablySource: socialENDER

#22. It has a plate... BUT STILL.

restaurants failed miserablySource: Realwomprat

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