23 People Share Their Worst Allergic Reactions, and They Are Equally Horrible and Funny

As anyone who has allergies knows, an allergic reaction occurs when your body is sensitive to something that might be harmless to most people—a certain food, chemical, plant, animal hair, etc. The reaction can be anything from annoying stuff like sneezing, skin rashes, or diarrhea to the most serious and life-threatening reaction, anaphylaxis. And most of the time, those reactions can cause "pretty noticeable" symptoms on the face and body. So let's keep scrolling as we present some of the worst allergic reactions that will actually make our faces hurt.
Obviously, we are not making light of severe allergies here. Even if some of these people can look back and laugh now, there's no doubt they were in pain and probably panicking at the time, but we'll let their stories tell you more about all that. In addition to making you cringe or laugh, we hope this list of worst allergic reactions serves as a reminder of why allergies should always be taken seriously.

#1. This girl who still has no idea what turned her into a Donald Duck:

Worst Allergic ReactionsSource: evac4bcd46b51

#2."Apparently, I'm allergic to dust mites."

Worst Allergic ReactionsSource: molly1112

#3. "Wanna know how I got these scars?"

Worst Allergic ReactionsSource: hmuluke

#4. "Woke up with an allergic reaction to something… I don’t even know what. I can’t feel my face"

Worst Allergic ReactionsSource: dobbelina

#5. "Ever heard of the drink kombucha? Well, neither had I, until my friend offered me just one small swig. This is my face 30 minutes later."

Worst Allergic ReactionsSource: timmyd4ed91ce1c


Worst Allergic ReactionsSource: lauren_petrozza

#7. "My dog had an allergic reaction to the trees being chipped today and looks like she went 12 rounds"

Worst Allergic ReactionsSource: DryBonez32

#8. Bee allergies make Bear Grylls looks like Benedict Cumberbatch:

Worst Allergic ReactionsSource: beckhaleesi

#9. These three sausages:

Worst Allergic Reactions "My sister always makes fun of me for having fingers like sausages, but when I got stung by a bee my thumb REALLY started to look like one."

Source: erklizzy

#10. Is this not Jesse Pinkman?

Worst Allergic ReactionsSource: avisbigtits

#11. New lips who's this?

Worst Allergic ReactionsSource: Unknow

#12. Just be cautious around bees, y'all!

Source: Unknow

#13. He looks like he got put into the lip-sucking machine from Monsters Inc.

Source: TonyWonder18

#14. Poor girl.

Source: Unknow

And these following folks will show you the importance of patch tests before dyeing your hair everywhere:

#15. Big brain time.

Source: reddit

#16. “Remove EVERY wrinkle in one easy step!”

Source: a-liketheway

#17. Ouch, just ouch.

Source: DoctorYogurtButler

#18. This poor girl starts to look like an alien due to a swelling head:

Source: RhiRob99

#19. This wild rash covered her whole body:

Source: valeriev422e61815

#20. This person who got scaly legs instead of smooth legs after shaving with a nickel razor:

Source: michellel4cc694e7a

#21. This person whose arm looks like the aftermath of a mosquito convention:

Source: Allison Klaiber

#22. This full-body hive suit:

Source: susracha

#23. Lastly, this poor girl:

"Turns out, I am allergic to life."

Source: christinaoey

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