23 Most Incredibly Stupid People Who Ever Made A Stir On The Internet

People come in different types. While some are very careful before making any decisions, some just don't think before putting anything on the Internet. And more often than not, what they say or do on social media put them in embarrassing situations. The r/facepalm subreddit is an online community dedicated to trolling everyone who fails to comprehend what most of us consider to be common sense or knowledge. Below are some incredibly stupid people who ever made a stir on the Internet.
Now, take a minute to scroll down and check out pictures of the most incredibly stupid people. We are sure that these pics will have you rolling on the floor laughing all day long. Don't forget to vote for the funniest photos. And if you find this list funny, share it with your friends and family to give them a fabulous laugh too. For more laughs, check out 20 Times People Were Shamed Online For Being Stupid At Work.

#1. Aghh nevermind MOM

Source: only_here_for_memes7

#2. Elon and his 6th-grade humor

Source: informationtiger

#3. Kid buys farts from Amazon

Source: killHACKS

#4. This is amazing

Source: BusyProfit

#5. Maybe they're going for some kind of record

Source: catalingpc

#6. Damn

Source: _s_y_m_

#7. Cancel culture

Source: NotedDiscord

#8. I believe that children are our future

Source: Lambylambowski

#9. Time to give my credit card & house

Source: FullTimeGamer2021

#10. The entitlement

Source: MonsterJuiced

#11. That’s a hole new level

Source: Economy-Programmer97

#12. Kids got to learn

Source: elija_snow

#13. Apparently Europe has no food and no "tech"

Source: DecentGifts

#14. Review of “All Quiet on the Western Front”

Incredibly Stupid PeopleSource: Focal7s

#15. Such a dumbass

Incredibly Stupid PeopleSource: GoodLooses

#16. She must be so proud

Incredibly Stupid PeopleSource: FuzzAldrin36

#17. Worst customer ever

Incredibly Stupid PeopleSource: givinghards

#18. Reality: this is gonna happen to a lot more children

Incredibly Stupid PeopleSource: Scalper_91

#19. I wonder how he'll explain this

Incredibly Stupid PeopleSource: thatguy9684736255

#20. Voting against your own best interests champion right here

Incredibly Stupid PeopleSource: FrayedGlitter

#21. That guy is in for a big surprise...

Incredibly Stupid PeopleSource: undefined_orgasm

#22. That guy is wasted at that business

Incredibly Stupid PeopleSource: Sera0Sparrow

#23. Well, that went from 0 to 100

Incredibly Stupid PeopleSource: luminabelle6

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