30 Times People Were Shamed Online For Being Stupid At Work

Many people, for no reason, are very stupid at work. Some even neglect the OSHA standards to complete their job. OSHA standards, for those who don't know, are rules that outline the methods that employers must follow to safeguard their employees from risks. Therefore, following OSHA is very important for workers to protect themselves from danger.
On the Internet, there are many groups dedicated to calling out those being stupid at work, for example, the subreddit 'OSHA' and the Facebook group 'Looks Like An OSHA Violation But Ok. We have already collected some of the most questionable pictures from these two groups, and you can find our previous article here. Today, we will introduce you to another community that is also devoted to shaming people for failing at their job. It's the subreddit called '[Dumb] People At Work.' Scroll down to check out the list of 30 pictures of people who were shamed online for being stupid at work in the list we have compiled below.

#1. Given her statements, I think this qualifies as a dumbass at work

Source: Aguyintampa323

#2. Driving your house through the bridge


#3. Who needs a ladder

Source: Humble-Wonder-4288

#4. Welding skills

Source: crazyunicorntamer

#5. Interesting way of starting up his chainsaw

Source: elman83

#6. Lost a huge part of his cargo on the highway, caused an accident and ran away

Source: hnav930

#7. Actually a superhero

Source: SoftClean

#8. Mechanic of the year...

Source: Aleksander2119

#9. Hey Boss... Where should I put this plunger?

Source: Girlwonder5

#10. Trainee: What's that red ligth on the grounding box Engineer: Red Light ??? send a photo

Source: Faber_Zara

#11. What’s wrong with this photo?

Source: jcholder

#12. Good thing they tied it, would be bad if it dropped

Source: Solenia-

#13. Customer states; "vibration at highway speeds"

Source: Altruistic-Ad7357

#14. So this package arrived at my work today. All i can imagine is someone taking half an hour to staple this package shut

Source: thejezuz

#15. Rudy Gobert infecting people with Corona

Source: theScore

#16. So apparently this needed to be spoken at my work at some point

Source: edt49er

#17. Maybe maybe

Being Stupid At WorkSource: Consistent-Kitchen

#18. "All of this product was broken when we received it"

Being Stupid At WorkSource: Seraphiem93

#19. Surprise, don’t listen to your boss? You get fired. Not exactly a new concept

Being Stupid At WorkSource:

#20. Safety first... that is what I always say!

Being Stupid At WorkSource: lobofett12

#21. I got this email back after applying for a job. I don’t think I’ll be working there

Being Stupid At WorkSource: Silas_Roth

#22. Spilled a little

Being Stupid At WorkSource: anonymous_reddit_guy

#23. I can’t deal with people

Being Stupid At WorkSource: Playboy_barbie

#24. One of the most interesting resumes I have seen thus far. Does anyone need a recommendation for a nip and tuck?

Being Stupid At WorkSource: ktg_unit

#25. Lol, wut?

Being Stupid At WorkSource: twood06

#26. Company I work for sends us packages like this ALL the time. 1 of 5,000+ stores in the USA

Being Stupid At WorkSource: Entreprehoosier

#27. I wonder when they will realize where they parked their car…

Being Stupid At WorkSource: TheLycanthropy

#28. My colleague sent me this picture of this lady at our work site

Being Stupid At WorkSource: Gumpy67

She moved some of the scaffolding to have a nap on the grass. I don't think it crossed her mind that workers would be working above her and the risk of things falling on her. What a complete dumbass.

#29. One of my dad’s customers

Being Stupid At WorkSource: epic6danny

#30. Sometimes you have to be a risk taker when you're late for work....and sometimes you're just a dumbass

Being Stupid At WorkSource: ktg_unit

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