22 DiWHY Projects That Shouldn't Have Existed In This Life

In this society, creativity is highly appreciated. Anyone who is constantly in search of innovative ways to do things is the winner. They contribute good values to our society and make life much easier. However, there are some people who shouldn't lift a finger in any creative project at all. Why? Yes, we also want to yell "Why?" when we see their so-called "creative ideas". Have a look at the gallery below and you will know what we are talking about.
We gathered 22 pieces of evidence that DIY projects are not for everyone. If you want to see more of the same, our previous posts are right up your alley here, and here!

#1. Put a slice of bread on it then you got some gingerbread

DiWHY ProjectsSource: lfhooper

#2. Tea Cup made of teeth

Source: ultraman16

#3. A tiny tin baby for your holiday season

Source: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#4. This art project

Source: myschoolcmptr

#5. This looks like a homemade ice cream truck, with all the implications magnified

Source: Starscream79

#6. Teeth wreath. Merry Christmas!

Source: robotsandrootbeer

#7. Minion wedge for your next hot date

Source: Aggressive_Cattle_69

#8. The snowman looks so sad and the ribbon looks like he's hanging himself

Source: onmy-kneesfor-cheese

#9. "Someone tried to make my mom on a cup"

Source: KitonMC

#10. You better buckle up

Source: Machinefun

#11. Repurposed jeans

Source: Regallybeagley

#12. "Built my own skates instead of buying them"

DiWHY ProjectsSource: flowersontrees

#13. "My friend went to look at an apartment today and this was the "shower"."

Source: chinchillen

#14. Looks funny but if it works it's a great recycling

Source: Zzazy1

#15. "Therapy chairs" for children's hospital were rejected. Wonder why?

DiWHY ProjectsSource: nohopeforthekids

#16. Gaming chairs

DiWHY ProjectsSource: Gurtek86

#17. Screw it, if it shaves, it's fine

DiWHY ProjectsSource: Fukushime

#18. "My flowers are up here, boys"

DiWHY ProjectsSource: SgtRandiTibbs

#19. Modern aesthetic

DiWHY ProjectsSource: TaffleBottom

#20. Outdoor toilet but build in a cut-up water tank

DiWHY ProjectsSource: Fuzzy_Worldliness_96

#21. Guy living in 3023

Source: PosherLepochun

#22. "I see your urine sample jar tree and raise you a blood sample vial tree"

DiWHY ProjectsSource: beeingmee

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