27 Out-Of-The-Box Designs That Will Make You Raise Your Eyebrows

There's no limit to creativity. Every innovative idea will be appreciated providing that they don't violate the laws or fine customs. We can't thank the artists and designers enough for bringing their great fertility of mind into making things around us beautiful and convenient. However, there are some who totally lost control over their creativity and took things way too far. Their so-called out-of-the-box designs turned out to have such weird, confusing, and awkward looking. There are no takebacks, those strange designs just ended up on this subreddit r/ATBGE. This corner is for everyone to post "everything that displays quality craftsmanship in the least elegant way possible."
Scroll down and take a look at our selection of the 27 best designs from those who must have thought outside the box. If you want to see more photos like these, don’t forget to join this community r/ATBGE on Reddit.

#1. This mustang

Source: nickerrides

#2. This water-like epoxy floor

Source: uni-versalis

#3. Canadian Tuxedo Couch

Source: Colar

#4. What in the...

Source: CaptainYOLO151_REAL

#5. Horn of Gondor

Source: danruse

#6. Granted the pie is very cute, but…

Source: catsncupcakes

#7. "I hate sushi but I’d totally have this in my yard. Taste so bad it’s good."

Source: SniperidZe

#8. This is the automotive equivalent of screaming YEEHAW! while doing jazz hands

Source: Mantiseyeballs

#9. "I would have expected the result to be chocolate rather than vanilla"

Source: VavaVoooooooooom

#10. This corner table at an Airbnb

Source: Gundam07

#11. It’s a cotton shirt but the design on it is photographs of jeans

Source: moshpitjoe1

#12. Pit stains

Source: VisuallyBreak47

#13. Mushroom Car

Source: unpottedBloom709

#14. The expression really captures the joy of parenting

Source: jenniferandjustlyso

#15. This toilet at a hotel

Source: Locsnadou

#16. This outfit made of can tabs

Out-Of-The-Box DesignsSource: MexPrime

#17. That is not an ear of corn, it is a mouth of corn

Out-Of-The-Box DesignsSource: binaryLanguor72

#18. This “truck bed”

Out-Of-The-Box DesignsSource: SlavRock

#19. Chair table? Chable? Tabehair? Tair?

Source: absentlyBlow

#20. This watch from the '80s

Out-Of-The-Box DesignsSource: ICEwaveFX

#21. Behold...the "jelmet" is here to give you the definition of out-of-the-box designs

Out-Of-The-Box DesignsSource: nmicrocosm

#22. Michelin Buddha

Source: rastroboy

#23. A handheld side-view mirror

Out-Of-The-Box DesignsSource: major_minus

#24. Heels made of Durian shell

Out-Of-The-Box DesignsSource: General_Run_3697

#25. "Chicken lamp. It’s hideous but I want it."

Out-Of-The-Box DesignsSource: NightOwl0920

#26. "This hat is among the best out-of-the-box designs I've ever seen"

Out-Of-The-Box DesignsSource: Intu24

#27. Found this in a food court. Not in front of a store or something, just kinda... there.

Out-Of-The-Box DesignsSource: PhoShizzity

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