20 Designers Who Deserve The Nobel Prize For Their Creativity

People always know how to come up with new innovative ideas on their own under challenging circumstances to suit and adapt to reality. Sometimes it's just a torrent of ideas that runs through their heads, and they turn seemingly commonplace objects into incredibly clever but equally amusing inventions. They are willing to try new things that others are hesitant to try. Their curiously brilliant innovations make our lives more colorful because they are not afraid to fail. If you still don't believe us, take these cases of hilarious designs below for example.
We've compiled a list of 20 designers who deserve the Nobel Prize for their creativity. When we saw these creative designs, we could hardly believe our eyes. Are you ready? Let's get started and don't forget to share them with your friends. Enjoy!

#1. This Golf Cart A Local Dealership Is Trying To Sell…

Source: Crusset

#2. Me: I’m Having Issues Projecting My Voice - Barber: Say No More

Source: oistr

#3. That's Cool!

Source: Zew5

#4. Hood Ornament

Source: letseatlunch

#5. A Handheld Side-View Mirror.

Source: major_minus

#6. This Hat

Source: Intu24

#7. This Terrifying Pet Costume

Source: KaamDeveloper

#8. Awesome

Source: SirChancelot_0001

#9. Horn of Gondor

Source: danruse

#10. Louis Vuitton Minion

Source: RealChrisPoole

#11. Yapoohza.

Source: u/adromoran

#12. Someone Told Me It Belongs Here.

Source: ThePunisher213

#13. Delicious

Source: SniperidZe

#14. Never Forget Your Earplugs

Source: desertmamba

#15. Toe Jam

Source: ImpressiveEvening374

#16. Dragon Cat

Source: aewah4y4

#17. Shrekfast

Source: DimitriTooProBro

#18. Rice On Your Clothes Is The Most Uncomfy Thing

Source: Dautletty

#19. Heels Made Of Durian Shell

Source: General_Run_3697

#20. Chicken Lamp. It’s Hideous But I Want It.

Source: NightOwl0920

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