20 Times Restaurants Took Creativity Too Far, It Was Too Late To Ask For Plates

In this day and age, it's hard for new businesses to have a place because there have been several giants in literally every field already. Therefore, if they want to get noticed, they must do something no one has done before to garner everyone's attention. With that in mind, some restaurant owners didn't hesitate to implement new (and even crazy) ideas to be the one and only in the industry. Unfortunately, there’s a fine line between ideas that are jaw-droppingly original and ones that are total disasters. And that has led to several awkward situations.
Restaurants in the list below chose to stand out in the way they serve food, and that's very hilarious (sometimes annoying) to see. Scroll down to check them out and have a good laugh! Follow the link here to see our previous article!

#1. We received our onion rings on a giraffe

Source: DarceyNagel

#2. This isn’t a plate! The wig is up!

Source: verysmallgirl

#3. Slightly burnt crème brûlée served in an ash tray

Source: prairiepanda

#4. What’s edible in this pic?

Source: svartur

#5. Food piled on a shovel

Source: royaldunlin

#6. Appetizers on nails at a conference

Source: MrsSylvney

#7. The people who do this probably think they're real clever and creative

Source: SurroundAccurate

#8. Marshmellow "worms" served on a plant

Source: TheLine989

#9. Impressive

Source: jnic1324

#10. Fried chicken in a wine glass

Source: Blunder_Woman

#11. This is really disgusting

Source: yurusu

#12. I think it's necessary to add that the glasses are filled with hot pork broth

Source: IslayMode666

#13. Most expensive restaurant I've ever been. Chef literally made the starter in our hand

Source: Zero_Boss

#14. How would you want your cocktail, Sir? In a bathtub, please!

Source: Shikaka62

#15. State of Maryland shaped cutting board that couldn't even lay flat on our table, which was a barrel

Source: bwithreason

#16. They can't get away with this

Source: babeespice

#17. I know you guys wants plates, but we just got half a plate.

Source: nikoarrieta

#18. Skewered chicken served on top of the bottom of a glass

Source: kd_swagbeast

#19. Skate poutine

Source: crack-O-caine

#20. Hot crispy rings on a cold drink?

Source: kelsinator42

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