20+ Times People Were Awfully Unlucky

Just imagine: you came home tired, and there were a lot of dirty dishes on the table and no food at all. That alone will make you think this is a bad day, right? Trust us, it is not that bad. At the very least, you didn't drop a birthday cake, and your ATM didn't shut down while you were using it like these awfully unlucky people on the list below.
We totally understand that some days are worse than others. However, no matter how bad your day seems, there's always someone having it worse than you. And hey, even the worst of the day will eventually come to an end, and tomorrow will be a new day. For now, keep your chin up and scroll down as we present some of the funniest fails of those born under a lucky star. Laugh along with us; we hope this will make you feel better about your day. Enjoy!

#1. "ATM turned off after taking my deposit and did not show up on my account."

Source: LordSeptember

#2. "Well, here goes my smoothie!"

Source: katierobson4

#3. That’s a great haircut for a hat.

Source: Seandouglasmcardle

#4. "I hope the rest of his day goes well."

Source: reddit

#5. "Threw my swatter at a fly. Don't ask questions because I don't have answers"

Source: TheGreatBugle

#6. "So... My brother decided to sneak some cheesecake late last night:"

Source: dingus_45

#7. D E N I E D

Source: stackattack1000

#8. "My stress ball exploded."

Source: tommatoes98

#9. A picture tells a story:

Source: ImpressiveDeuce

#10. How do you even do this??

Source: kappsylen

#11. "Post-face surgery, your face tends to swell excessively. My new nickname amongst my friends is “Megamind”

Source: StarksTwins

#12. "So, I've been out for work doing in-person inspections all day. I had 8 appointments. Nobody said a word..."

Born Under A Lucky StarSource: Cronchy_Tacos

#13. "My girlfriend was in charge of making hot chocolate tonight."

Source: Razel23

#14. "So excited to use my pizza cutter for the first time."

Born Under A Lucky StarSource: BCFire22

#15. "Trying to even out my tan on my lunch break. ?"

Born Under A Lucky StarSource: philfromchico

#16. So Costco apparently doesn't re-take membership card photos if you sneeze:

Born Under A Lucky StarSource: BabyJesusAnalingus

#17. Not-so-cute pigeons.

Source: ViennaDoLL

#18. Kids playing with a fire hose during coast guard demo:

Source: Energylegs23

#19. Girl dropped her phone... Let's just say she didn't want it back.

Born Under A Lucky StarSource: PraxAttacks

#20. Happy bir...

Born Under A Lucky StarSource: jumpingpanda11

#21. Go camping they said, it will be fun they said...

Born Under A Lucky StarSource: thumbor

#22. He thought he was a dog...

Source: pikabu

#23. Well, there’s no longer a problem with the water pressure!

Born Under A Lucky StarSource: imgur

#24. "My friend got stung by something."

Born Under A Lucky Star He was bit by a radioactive baby. And now, like spiderman - he has the abilities of a baby.

Source: Groundbreaking_Log77

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