20 Times People Magically Managed To Screw Up Their Only Job

None of us are perfect, and making (even the same) mistakes is pretty human, as long as you learn from them. But that doesn't mean we can't make fun of it and laugh our heads off together. Some people were so irresponsible at work, they didn't even notice their obviously big blunders. Or sometimes people were just so lazy, even if they knew they messed it up, they still leave their work unfixed.
In the gallery below, we have wrapped up 20 examples of people incredibly managing to screw up their only job. Scroll down to check them out! Our previous compilation is here if you are interested.

#1. Modern problems call for modern solutions

Source: Alex Ambuehl

#2. The extra “p” means it’s REALLY slippery!

Source: Robyn Boon

#3. Exit only for entry

Source: Julie Benarrous

#4. Added the headline text, boss!

Source: RosalynZook

#5. Printed the packaging, boss!

Source: VoncilePerreault

#6. None of the workers were breakdancing on their heads, 0/10 sign lies

Source: CrazyH37

#7. Seriously?

Source: AcidCandy23

#8. Whoever installed this water fountain at EWR wanted to make sure the floor would stay wet

Source: NoCommercial1874

#9. Programmed the sign, boss

Source: loki2002

#10. The hand sanitizer station at my work

Source: Arcerinex

#11. Seen at Kroger

Source: Nerffighter

#12. The designer was absent the day, I think

Source: TDLMTH

#13. Good thing it's red

screw up their only jobSource: Consistent-Ferret888

#14. Put on the sticker boss!

screw up their only jobSource: Cooler_coooool_boi

#15. Pothole repair

screw up their only jobSource: SymphonyForTheDevil

#16. Okay so which is it???

screw up their only jobSource: DamnItRJ

#17. I think you are supposed to surround the wet concrete with the cones and tape but I could be wrong

screw up their only jobSource: tuenthe463

#18. Installed the vague threat boss

screw up their only jobSource: Realistic-Airline-22

#19. Reduced the prices, boss

screw up their only jobSource: leedler

#20. What's wrong with the guy who made this?

screw up their only jobSource: f0rt3_f3d3

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