30 Employees Who Incredibly Managed To Mess Up Their Only Job

We can never have enough of photos capturing the moments when people hilariously failed at their job. Although it is human to make mistakes, we still can't help but burst out laughing and wonder if there is a good story behind those blunders. That's why someone created an online community known as r/onejob dedicated to sharing funny occupation mishaps. For example, when you bought online and expected a melon to be delivered, they surprised you with a lemon instead.
Keep scrolling down and have a look at our new collection of 30 people who miserably messed up with their only job, they’re actually hilarious. If you want to see more pics like these, don’t forget to check our previous post here. Have a good laugh checking them out!

#1. The placement of this ceiling fan

Source: desertmamba

#2. Holding a gun properly

Source: Mairess99

#3. Since 14 Together 20 / Together since 1420

Source: Some-Faithlessness75

#4. To paint a sign

Source: Flapu7

#5. There has to be a story behind this

Source: Tricky_Camel

#6. "All of the bar stools at our air BnB were assembled backwards"

Source: Era_Glassworks

#7. "I present to you the first anti-mold paint for walls that managed to make mold in its original container"

Source: Ok-Force-9554

#8. Hopefully Restaurant Logo Here is the name of the restaurant

Source: nochancess

#9. Men clothes

Source: RoiHurlemort

#10. Surprise your valentine

Source: Urbex_Badger

#11. So... how does it work?

Source: Hugosimpon

#12. Bought a melon, received a lemon

Source: visionarytune

#13. Damn printing it the right way around was too hard..

Source: RedTrian

#14. Somebody fell asleep at the labeler

people messed up jobSource: JxC24

#15. So close! But not quite a million

Source: Whatsiathisgame8

#16. Food may contain human flesh

people messed up jobSource: MrVoldemort

#17. “I see no problems here”

people messed up jobSource: danm1980

#18. Painted the child boss

Source: syracrow

#19. "Something’s wrong, I can feel it..."

people messed up jobSource: trrushw

#20. Teachers making quizzes

people messed up jobSource: YourBoiAlan

#21. Seems like they stocked up on invisible ink

Source: MrMaddMatt

#22. Groundbreaking

Source: zio-pedro

#23. That's a big one

people messed up jobSource: rusher12

#24. Turn rliegfht

people messed up jobSource: polite__redditor

#25. Fighting crimes with the power of song

Source: TheVampireQueen7

#26. "Clock that has hung on our wall for 20 years. Needless to say, it gets confusing sometimes."

people messed up jobSource: BOMD2BITZ

#27. Terrorizing the children with this one

Source: professionalNEIGHer

#28. Photoshopping can be hard

people messed up jobSource: LeapofAzzam

#29. See how far people messed up their job

people messed up jobSource: RefuseNo9121

#30. "Wait I remember that character, it's Super-Man!"

people messed up jobSource: Beautiful_Fishing569

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