20 Times Life Hits People Where It Hurts The Most

Life is hard and unpredictable. When it decides to hit you, it will hit right on the part which is most likely to result in the most harm. The people in the list below are great examples of when luck is not on your side and life just grasps the opportunity to drag you down. It's very painful to see but it's necessary to be aware of bitter reality and not to look at life through rose-tinted glasses.
Imagine, you finally had a day off after a hectic period and decided to recharge your energy by sunbathing in your garden. But the very uninvited and unexpected guest, which is your home dog, just came and peed on your face (literally). That was hard, right? Let’s scroll down to see more proofs that life hits people and no one can do anything about that. Check out our previous post here!

#1. "So this actually just happened at my Aunt's house"

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#2. "So my sister got her allergy test done and she was allergic to everything they tested for."

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#3. This will teach you not to take food pictures for Instagram

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#4. He looks devastated...

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#5. "I was always against ripped jeans."

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#6. "I’m allergic to cats and slept on a cat blanket"

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#7. Bubblegum blanket!

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#8. "I never thought I'd be scared of chocolate chip cookies"

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#9. "Tried cooking a sweet potato in my new air fryer today..."

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#10. Just rented an RV for the weekend, forgot to take off the glass when cooking

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#11. Banana bread time

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#12. "Overnight coworker sent me this last night"

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#13. Environmental allergy panel results indicate extreme sensitivity to almost everything

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#14. "I bit a rotten apple after being late to school and failing a quiz…. Fml"

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#15. Big brain right here.. You're operating on a whole different level

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#16. "I don’t paint often, so I was really proud of myself for remembering to wear gloves this time."

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#17. "I fail as a woman"

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#18. Good morning!

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#19. At least he wore a hat

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#20. Oh no!

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